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How To Start Doing Video Content

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Hello, my friends it's Jen Kilbourne Obermeier! Welcome if you're joining in and if you're watching the replay, definitely welcome.

Make sure you say hello, make sure you type a comment because I can still see you and respond to you even after the fact.

I really appreciate you tuning in to watch this video.

I have been doing daily live chats for the past two weeks - we're starting week three, all about online business topics of all kinds.

If you are in the market for starting a new little side hustle, whether it be a blog or doing online freelancing, or really launching a coaching and consulting business and going all in with that, doing a course, doing an online coaching program, we have already covered a huge gamut of topics, a huge array of topics about all things online business.


Hello, Pavla thank you for joining in and thank you for saying hello. This makes my day that you showed up here.

So every day for the past two or so weeks, I have been posting a new live video.

I have also yes, I admit, taken a few days off, reposted some old content or created a short tutorial type of video to share with you.

All of that already lives on this page. So I am definitely interested no matter where you join us in this journey what your questions are, what you're working on, what brings you here and just in general, what's going on with life.

Let me give you guys a little update on behind the scenes of what's going on here.

I have, if you noticed, I have now moved to a entirely new location from my past videos.


I decided this weekend that with my kids being out of school for at least another month that we were going to take the vacation fund, essentially, that I had set aside for their spring break.

I took them as of yesterday, we are at an Airbnb in my hometown.

It's a staycation, it's an extended spring break, staycation slash we're still on quarantine.

It's not like we can get out and do a whole lot, but we basically decided to do the same things in a new place.

It made them excited.

It gave me something to focus on and work on yesterday and this weekend that was new and different. Now here we are.

So we're just - enjoying being in a new, just having new scenery and making it fun.


So I guess I just wanted to share that because I feel absolutely that a lot of people are really trying to adjust to having this unknown period of time right now where they're - I can, I can hang in for two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, but is it going to be six weeks?

Is it going to be six months?

I don't know. This, as you see is just one, of the <laugh> many ways you could choose to cope with the scenario, but it's been really cool because my kids have been able to spread out a little more than at home and work on their homeschool stuff.

Not, they're not homeschooled, but everybody, every kid in public school is doing virtual e-learning and that thing.

I brought all of my necessary office things.


I can continue to podcast, continue to work and continue to generally be productive.

I brought all my workout things and all my face skincare stuff.

One of the reasons I tell you that is just one because I'm definitely curious to know if anybody else is doing something similar.

We didn't have a vacation home to go to, but this gave us somewhere to get out.

Cici's here.

Hey girl, Cici is living the RV life so she can up and go anytime that she wants to.

Here's the thing is that I'm grateful that for example, I had the ability to up and move my office and move it somewhere else so that we could hunker down here for a month.


Then of course reassess at that time, how much long, how much longer do we need?

Do we want to extend it? I don't know, this is fun. It's new.

That's what's going on with me.

Hey Julie, I'm so glad that you guys are here. Today I do not really have a pre-planned topic.

I really want you guys to keep me on my feet and type in a question. Tell me what you're working on.

Tell me what types of research you're doing with whatever it is that you're working on right now, whether it's taking services that you already have in a real business online, creating a course out of that content?

Yesterday, I posted a video that was once a live chat, but now as a replay - entirely reposted a video that was all about - hey, here's my brain dump of information on how to create a course, how to create an online coaching program.


Here's how I would do it.

Here's how I would outline it.

Here's how I would figure out what each piece of that content needed to be - does it need to be a video?

Does it need to be a tutorial?

Does it need to be a worksheet?

Breaking down each part of your content and figuring out which way to deliver that to people that video is super valuable - so in the interest of efficiency, since I had already put that out there once and I'm sure I would never say it a as well as I did before.

I uploaded that video directly to this page.

You guys can check that out.

Today is just totally open Q&A, I will say that I want to start with one thought.


Well of course you guys know I have more than one thought, but my thought of the day is there is a book that I read, I want to say definitely within the last five years, but not super recently.

I would say three years ago, called The Last Safe Investment.

It is a book that is unlike any other book I've read certainly about investing, actual financial investing  - which I've only read a few, but it is definitely not about financial investing.

It's more about personal development and the skills that you have as not only as a business owner, but as a person and how, if you have these certain skills and - to cut to the chase, The Last Safe Investment is investing in yourself because we can invest...


Again, this is totally out of scope for what I'm an expert in <laugh>, but we can invest a ton of money into a business.

We can invest a ton of money into the stock market, into a house, the real estate market.

The risk is always there.

We accept a certain amount of risk that we could lose it all, or it might be a long time before we get the return on that investment that we're expecting.

For example, I would say right now is a perfect example of that where a lot of people are saying, well, you should take your money and invest it in the stock market.

Even though it's going to take years and years to recover, this is your opportunity to get in or whatever.

For some people, maybe that is a good choice.


This book that I read though...

I said, it's been a while ago.

It said that the "safest investment"in this day and age, when you don't know if the housing market is just going to fall out from under you or your retirement fund is just going to disappear in the stock market is to invest in yourself and in your network, meaning the network of people that you know, and in the skills that you are able to turn into a job no matter where you go.

I'll just give you an example of some of the things that stuck out to me from that book.

One was sales skills.

If you invest some time for six months or a year at some stage of your adult life in really gaining a solid understanding of sales skills, then you will always be able to use that in every scenario probably of most every job and certainly of every business that you own forever.


Another example they talked about was having alternative forms of wealth.

And one of the examples that they gave was an example of wealth would be that you don't have to personally own a mountain house.

You don't have to OWN a beach house, but if you have friends that would let you go stay for free in a beach house, isn't that connection or isn't that friendship just as worthy of an investment as potentially you buying the house yourself?

And again, that's a very specific example, but just to give you an idea of - this is what this book was about, was not about the last safe stock for you to put all your money into.

It was really understanding the leverage that you have as a person, your skills, your abilities, how you can turn that into abundance and wealth, no matter where you are in life.


I think we are definitely in one of those times right now that is really testing our assumptions about how secure we are, how happy we are, how good our mental health is.

I'll try not to go get on a soapbox about that.

Anyway, if that is something that piques your interest, I could not recommend that book enough.

It really is one of the ones that has stuck with me over time.

It's called The Last Safe Investment.

Alright, so Pavla says she has a question. Okay, this is good.

Pavla says, "I'm working on creating video content, Facebook Lives and home organizing videos in my home."


"I did not realize how long that takes."

Pavla, you didn't actually ask a question, but I hear your thoughts.

Here is my number one or two or three tips for working on that right now - don't make a schedule for yourself that ventures too far into the future.

For example, if you're thinking - okay, I have these 10 awesome video ideas and I want to do two this week, three next week, two the next week, and then have them all done by the end of April or whatever - the minute that things start to get behind, I think that actually can produce a greater sense of I'm failing, I'm behind, I'm inadequate.

I totally get it.

Who made this schedule, anyway?

Because I do this to myself all of the time.


If I make a schedule too far out, then what happens is the first couple of videos do take you an extra long time, but you'll assume that everything else will also be that hard because, when you're launching a - anything, or when you're getting something off the ground you don't take into account necessarily that you do get faster, you do get better.

You find ways to cut corners that were not necessary in the first place.

And then you'll realize that your schedule was totally just a projection in your mind of what you thought was possible.

Focus on literally what you think you can accomplish just this week.

I think this is extra important right now because if you have any other job that you're showing up for or any anybody who's listening, if you have other things that require your attention, and you're also trying to get a side hustle going right now I personally think it would be super demoralizing to continuously have to shift that goal post of here's what I wanted to do and I didn't get it done.


Here's what I wanted to do - I didn't get it done.

Just try to make a general goal of - here's what I think I could reasonably get done this week.

Then once you learn or get more information about how long it takes you personally to create that home organizing video, edit it, do whatever else you want to it and publish it, then you'll have enough information to be able to make a better projection of your schedule for whatever it is you want to do.

That's my biggest tip about that one.

Then when it comes to actually saving time on the actual creation of it, let me know more about where your questions are around that.

Because one, I shared last week that really one of my biggest time-saving tips is just to do a live video because then people don't expect it to be super polished, you know?


End of story.

If people thought that this was going to be super polished, they wouldn't be listening and they wouldn't be tolerant of me pausing and thinking, or taking a sip of my Lacroix.

But if they KNOW that it's Facebook Live or they know that they're watching a replay of their live video, then they're just - oh, it's just Pavla talking.

I wasn't expecting this to be "corporate level" polished, whatever standards that they're holding.

So make it part of your brand, if you will, to be informal and that'll save you a ton of time on that.

<laugh> That's one really one of my biggest rules for myself is not to ever be too formal, because then it's always - everything is going to be harder than it really should be because then I can never falter from that standard.


Video content, Facebook Lives.

Then the other thing, Pavla that I was going to say - oh God, I lost the thought and then I'll have to come back to it.

I promise.

Julie has a question. She says, "I'm trying to build a new following on my Facebook Live with daily live videos. I'm trying to widen out my reach. I am leery of spending money on Facebook advertising because my income has come to a complete stop."

I totally understand.

She said, "What is a cheap (AKA free) way to get myself and my page out there?", Julie, this is such a good question.

In case you missed it or in case anybody else missed it, I did talk the other day about Facebook ads being the cheapest and fastest way to get momentum on your page - doing engagement ads for videos are literally the cheapest way to advertise anything anywhere.


It can definitely not be as expensive as you necessarily may be imagining Julie.

I just want to point you to that video.

However, if you do need to do free methods, I talked in my video about the video was called the Content Snowball that grows your audience.

Talked about cross-promoting, say for example, you do your Facebook Live, you downloaded Facebook Live, you re-upload it to YouTube.

Because again, people are searching for things on YouTube.

They're not really using Facebook like a search engine.

Getting new, let's see what you exactly said.

Getting more reach on your videos.

You need to put them out there somewhere where people are searching, a search engine.

That sounds like it should be a song.

YouTube or Pinterest, you can create pins on Pinterest that have all of your search terms for whatever your video is about.


Julie, I know you did organizing tips and I love what you said about you told your followers, hey, this is just me at home behind the scenes.

This is my own stuff.

I"'m just sharing what works for me", because I think that probably really resonated with people in a way that wasn't too preachy or authoritative, here is the best way to accomplish this thing.

I think you were just showing - this is real life.

I'm an organized person and this is real life.

I think all of us in this audience who are professional organizers can definitely relate to you, feel you have to put up this perfect front all the time.

When people can see and you show them that you have the same obstacles or difficulties in keeping your systems everybody else does, but then you show them - here's what the advantage is of having a system in the first place, because it's never too hard for me to hit the reset button.


I think that them seeing that is going to help them just love you that much more because you're just being real with them.

To that end, the cheap AKA free method is to upload your content onto YouTube, make sure that the title and the description in your YouTube channel contains keywords that would align with what people are actually searching for.

Let me dig into that a little bit more, because I'm not sure that I've said this.

This is precisely - what I mean is DON'T list out: Here are the 10 tips that I talked about in this video.

Let's pretend you're talking about the 10 best tips for organizing your kitchen during quarantine.

<laugh> Okay.

Let's say that was your thing.

If you list out all of the tips, yes, that is also searchable, but that doesn't actually align with what people are asking.

Maybe what you're listing out, the answers that you're giving - you want to fill in the blanks in your title and in your description with words that align with the question that they are asking, for example, how do I meal plan for people 10 days in advance?


That's the question that they're asking or they're asking is actually: what should I be buying to make sure that I don't have to go to the store for seven days?

Let me know if this makes sense, because I really feel sometimes people don't see it from their audience's point of view.

If they're not typing the question in Google,  if your title is not the answer to a question that they're typing into Google then you haven't really hit the nail on the head yet, because you can say, well, here's the awesome pantry organization tips and here's the awesome fridge rotation meal planning tips.

You really need to say something like: here is how to X, Y, Z, whatever the question was that they asked - here is how to plan a meal for four people without going to the grocery store more than every seven days.


Again, that might be way too specific, but I just want you to hear what I'm talking about.

When I'm talking about search optimized, that's what it means for YouTube.

That's what it means for Pinterest.

That's what it means for a blog post that you might be writing on your website.

This applies to everybody, no matter what the topic is, but this is just an easy thing to talk about since I'm so familiar with organizers and the things that they might be sharing.

Cici said, "I just started the whole live video thing." She has the facepalm emoji drama.

Really, she said, I'm really pushing myself out of my comfort zone during this time.


What better time is there?

What better time is there than to say friends, family, people that I don't even know...

I am just here to show up and give you some tips for adapting and strategizing about your family and about your house right now.

Because you're not asking them to buy anything from you.

You're not asking them to book you, to come to their house right now because they literally, in some cases can't.

I think that this is the secret, back door, best time possible to launch something where you're doing a lot of videos because a people are just hungry and I wouldn't say, desperate, but they're hungry for free content.

For just live support from a real person.

Can you imagine right now that it probably feels much more, well, you guys, you guys are here on this video, you guys could have gotten on Amazon and picked a book about online business and read that book.


It might have given you a much more succinct path, A to Z.

But you showed up to talk to me because, and I'm just venturing to guess, because I'm a real person and that you're starved for actual social socialization and talking to somebody that you like and trust right now.

Impose that scenario, whatever it is that made you show up for THIS video, same thing for your audience, why would they want to hear from you right now?

What is it that they are struggling with?

What concerns are they looking for solutions for, what struggles do they just want to have heard?

They want to have somebody hear them and validate them and say, I see you.


I know, I know that this is hard.

I know this is hard and sometimes you don't have an answer for everything. Cici again, I just want to say - you are going to be so grateful to yourself later that you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Because again, not to put too fine a point on it, but you're going to have a competitive advantage over every single other person who did not do that right now.

I don't know if that's a harsh truth or just the true truth.

Looking for more questions.

I know that there's a slight delay in between when I talk and when you guys are able to actually type out what you're thinking or what your reactions are.

When I'm encouraging people to do live videos, I really don't believe that you have to be this career long expert in any one topic.


Pavla said, thank you for the encouragement, and you are welcome, because that is definitely what I'm here to do is just encourage you and give you enough of the next few steps without overwhelming you.

Because if I told you every single thing, if I told you every single thing that you were ever going to come across or go through in your online business quest <laugh>, you would probably panic and say, "Nope, can't handle that. It's not for me."

If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, I promise you, you're going to learn so much about yourself along the way, and about the people specifically that you're serving along the way.

To that end, you don't have to be 20 years ahead of people on a certain subject.


If you are a few steps down the road, a few years down the road, you have something to give back to the people who were in that starting zone or wherever, because you've been there.

You've been in their shoes.

If you have something to share with them like, hey, here's what I wish I would've known six months ago about this.

Or here's here are the tips that helped me the most.

Again, as an example, what if you were starting a blog about single mom finance and it's not you've been a single mom AND financial genius for years and years and years.

It's just that you are a couple of years into that journey.

You're saying - here's what I can turn around and give back.

I'm just a few steps ahead of those people.


That content is so valuable.

People will read your blog.

People will watch your videos because they're at the beginning and they don't necessarily always want to hear from somebody who's Suze Orman, has it all figured out.

They want to hear from somebody who they can relate to.

Who's been going through those things, oh, my daughter was spotted. She didn't want to be, but she was, so now she's on video forever.

Just kidding.

Yeah, so that's my encouragement is to not think, don't think about how much more you have to go in your journey before you're an expert.

Think about the people who are standing where you were at a certain stage in your life or whatever.

People who are standing where you were just a couple of years ago are probably researching.


You were probably researching on the Internet and you're thinking - oh, well, nobody writes a blog about this because it's too basic, well - be that person who's providing that basic information.

There are so many people who don't know how to research on their own and find that basic information.

That's an opening in the marketplace for you.

I keep doing a lot of pointing.

Julie said, "This is very encouraging. I'm always afraid I've missed the bandwagon."

She said, "I'm always afraid I missed the bandwagon on most aspects of my business, but I have found that as long as I'm one step ahead of my audience, I am the professional to them."

Julie couldn't have said it better.

I hate that you feel that you've missed the boat, the bandwagon, I hate that you feel that way, but there's another, actually, this is a perfect time to tell you since I started off by sharing a book that I found very inspirational.


There's another book that I have found very inspirational and I have returned to, in my thoughts, I haven't reread it, but in my thoughts a lot over the years, and it's called The Obstacle Is The Way.

It's by a guy named Ryan Holiday and it's based on ancient Roman or Greek stoicism and those kinds of philosophies.

He really modernized it for our day and age.

It's saying - no matter what it is that you're facing, and no matter what it is that you THINK is the limitation. for example, Julie, that is holding you back, you can, if you think about that thing and you think, well, the obstacle is the way - or that limitation is not a bug, it's a feature that I'm going to make part of my brand.


I'm going to embrace that part of my story.

That's WHY I'm sharing these things is because I've had this limitation - instead of trying to say, well, that limitation disqualifies me from teaching people.

I hope that makes sense.

That book is so good.

I wouldn't say that I remember necessarily that it gives you super concrete action steps about how to take a particular limitation and incorporate it into your action plan or to your next steps, but the mindset that they talk about, that will stick with you forever because every time in the last - I know I can remember when I read that book, because it was when I first started my organizing business.

That was 2014.

Every time in the last six years that I have had something that I was facing, I thought, just try to take a deep breath and reframe it and say, well, if the obstacle is the way, then what does that mean about this scenario?


That helps me just use that line of questioning on myself, it coaches me to see new possibilities or approach it in a new way.

It's been incredible.

All right, I'm going to post that recommendation.

Lupe said she is reading that book now it's really good. Then Lupe, the first book I recommended at the beginning was called The Last Safe Investment.

It's awesome.

Cici said "People are loving the live videos and I'm just trying to find the balance...

Some people would love to see me on a daily basis.

I'm just wondering is daily too much?"

I think the only question Cici is daily too much for YOU, because it sounds you are okay.

If you're not running out of content ideas and if people would really love to continue to hear your encouragement - again, let me try to help you strategize this a little bit.


Strategizing it a little bit means thinking if there are 10 people who would show up to you every single day live and they weren't sick of it and they loved what you said and they didn't have to be long videos, but it was just something really valuable to them.

Don't you think that if you continued to pour into those 10 people, they would almost become your sales people, because they would recommend you and they would share your stuff and they would share your videos and then they would follow you on YouTube or wherever else we were talking about cross-posting content, they would follow you there.

They would become your mini army of people who say this woman, her life experience and the way that she teaches and the way that she talks, it is life-changing.


Later down the road, if you wanted to create an actual six-week coaching program or whatever out of your content you could do that.

Those initial people not only would probably become your first customers, but they would definitely tell everybody else, this woman is the real deal.

I know her, she's been showing up.

She's been doing these live videos for months and months and months.

Does that make sense?

Julie says she's got to run because her oven timer's calling. Totally understand.

We all got a lot of life going on. Me too right now.

Pavla said "I try to come up with topics, but I struggle with, are they good enough?

I guess I just have to take one topic at a time.

I'm so excited to do this.


I have a lot of information and I don't know where to start.

I overwhelm myself before I started.

I overwhelm myself before you started."

Pavla definitely go back and I can't remember if you were there for the whole thing or not, but when I did the chat about the Content Snowball, one thing that I was saying was if you just come up with your first five or 10 really solid topic ideas, then what you can do is just plan those.

Then once people actually show up and ask questions, you can let the things that they're asking about and the scenarios that they're bringing you inform what your next topics will be after that.

That then that way you don't have to, you said overwhelm yourself, you get really excited, but then you're - okay, I plan out this whole schedule and now I'm already behind.


That shoots you in the foot.

In the Content Snowball video on this page, I talked about how I only really ever had my first, again, maybe five topics, pillar content information planned.

Then after that, it was all based on emails that people wrote me and people who actually showed up to the live videos and commented and asked questions.

Hang, on, hang on just a second.

Okay, so <laugh> so Pavla for sure, I said, at the beginning of the chat, focus on this week, maybe focus on only the two or three days that you're going to plan out for this week, what times you're going to show up what the topics are going to be, and then what are you going to do with that content to promote it after the fact.

Because what you don't want to do is like me, when I started doing the free, Facebook Live content for Pro Organizer Studio, it took me a while to go back and deal with the backlog of videos and content that I had created because I was uploading it to YouTube, but then I didn't have transcripts.


I didn't have easy blog posts that I could make out of the videos.

What you would want to do, ideally if you want to learn from my mistakes and apply it in a very efficient way is on a weekly basis that you're taking that content and doing other things with it.

For example, if you have a transcript of a video that you made, then that can become searchable blog content that shows up on Google, or you can put it even as an entire Facebook post or YouTube caption underneath your video so that people can easily use that as a resource on your page.

At the same time, you can too, because if you don't have your own videos transcribed after a while, you're - man, I said this once really well.


I can't even remember now what video it was in.

You don't have your own stuff as a resource for you to easily cross reference and send people back to.

So if you're following my approach of not planning too far in advance, then you're also making sure that you're caught up on actually reposting the Facebook Live videos that you make to YouTube.

Again, I keep saying that, because it's so important that you guys understand what I'm talking about.

When I say that people search for stuff on YouTube, a search engine, they don't do that on Facebook.

They'll share it with other people on Facebook more easily.

It's not just going to come up for new people, new people easily.

Veronica said she, Veronica said hi. Pavla said she was there at the beginning and she remembers that I was doing one step at a time.


Pavla said she edited and she did her first Facebook Live last week.

Freaking proud of you!

She said, I edited my live from last week.

I want to upload on YouTube and make a blog post out of it.

Do that, do that before... I'm not saying you have to do it perfectly before you can do another video, but make sure that that's on your content planning schedule for the week before you do four or five or six more videos.

Then you're not worried about - oh my God, what am I going to go back and actually promote my content that I made - because that's half of the battle, right?

You can make a lot of amazing content, but if you're not promoting it to new people, then I was saying to Cici, you might have a small group of people who are loving what you do and maybe sharing it.

If you really want to grow fast, I would reference you back to the Facebook ad video that I did last week, where I was talking about the cheapest, easiest way to build an audience or you can do the organic strategies I was talking to Julie about in the beginning.


I do feel those organic strategies, if you're going to do something that is more or less free for you to promote, as opposed to running Facebook ads, having those alternative platforms is super important.

Let me share another tactic.

If you do have people in your network - now maybe there are other professional organizers or other coaches, depending on who you are, you're listening to this, let's say that you're making brand new content and you don't have people to promote it to that are already on your email list or in your Facebook audience.

Maybe you have seven people who "like" your page because everybody starts somewhere, right?

If you don't want to pay for ads and you don't really have a lot of time or again, money, because transcriptions do cost money.


But, I feel that's so well worth it because then you can search your own archive of what you said and then reuse that information later and other formats.

It does cost money to do that.

If you cannot do that, but in your network of people, you do have other people who do have bigger audiences, maybe they have a podcast, maybe they have an email list or a big Facebook page following or even Instagram following that you believe is likely to mostly be interested in the content that you're sharing.

You would want to talk to them about how they - maybe it's just as simple as asking them to share your post or maybe you're pitching them on becoming a guest on their podcast.

Then you are reaching all of these NEW people.


This is using other people's audiences.

Because they've spent a lot of time and money building those audiences.

I guarantee you in every case just because I said, well, if you're building your own audience, it's going to cost you something either time or money.

Everybody who has an audience has spent and invested a lot in it.

If you're creating really good content and if you, for example, say, "hey, let me do a guest blog on your blog or I would love to be a guest on your podcast or can we cross-promote each other in some way?"

I don't know, whatever opportunity that you see to get in front of their audience.

In some cases might even be worth paying some amount for maybe a podcast guest spot or some type of shout out on their Instagram.


If somebody has a hundred thousand followers and they are promoting you on their stories or whatever for a week and they're just - "Pavla is incredible, Julie is amazing. You have to see this video that she made."

Whatever it is that they would say to you there's a high likelihood that they have a really engaged following that actually watches their stories and actually takes action on things that they say are really good.

They're an influencer.

That means that they're an influencer in your industry and you want to connect with people who are influential that way and have those bigger followings, so that they can share your stuff and you can get in front of more people that you already know are probably a good fit.

That would be another thing that's not exactly advertising, it's sponsored.


In a lot of cases, people are willing to promote you for free.

You have to have the balls to pitch them and write to them and say, hey, I've noticed that you do a lot of content around this topic.

I would love to add this thing.

I would love to come on your podcast and talk about this.

I have to say that I have found it surprising...

If you guys have ever been intimidated about approaching other people in that way that have a big audience or a big email list, or maybe you would love - it's your dream to be on their podcast.

Just try now.

<laugh> I don't know what you're waiting on.

Very and when I say VERY few, I mean in the almost four years that Pro Organizer Studio has been in business, I have had for sure, less than 10 people ever who pitched me on something.


Now granted at this point, I do have a podcast and we have a "Hey, do you want to be a guest? Here's a page that you can fill out a form to collaborate with us."

We have that now.

But when I got my podcast started, I was asking people that were in my network in the industry.

I was just saying - hey, I'm finally starting a podcast. I want you to come on and do an interview with me.

But prior to the podcast itself, I had very few people ever who said, hey, do you want to come on my podcast?

People don't ever ask me to come on their podcast.

I don't know why.

I'm not saying that I never have been a guest, but very relatively infrequently because maybe they're thinking, oh, well, I just started mine or, I'm an organizer and I'm starting my own podcast and I know Jen, or maybe they're in my course, but they're - oh, well she would never do that.


Try me.

I would likely do it - so in the same vein, if you guys are also starting a new venture, whether it's coaching content or organizing course or something, try approaching somebody who has a big following.

When I say big, that is always relative.

I mean - 5,000 is big if you have nothing, but a hundred thousand is really big if, even if you have about 5,000 people in your audience.

Anyway I just really want to encourage you guys to, what's the worst that can happen?

They'll say - oh, I'm really sorry.

I'm just booked up right now, but thank you so much for asking, I think that they'd be super flattered that you asked and said I'm a huge fan of yours and I would love to be a guest and come on and talk about this - very few people have ever sent me anything like that, which is surprising.


I don't know why.

What else, Pavla? I can't even remember how I got on that topic.

I guess I was talking about connecting with people who are considered influencers in your industry.

Definitely this week or next week, one of my live videos on this page will be about what does the word "influencer" mean?

How do bloggers make money?

What <laugh>, what is that like?

It's very not well defined.

How - what an influencer even is or - why, how do you know when you're an influencer?

So anyway, I have a friend, I have a friend who specializes in this exact thing. She definitely says she was going to come on and do a little I guest - this is like my own live podcast.


It's a live podcast that you never know when it's going to come on until the day off <laugh>.

You're like - if I make it, I make it. It's my live video blog or video podcast.

Kate hopefully is going to come on and talk to us, or I know she will.

We just have to figure out the time talk to us about what is that influencer business model.

Why would you care about connecting with influencers?

Why would it be worth potentially paying a little bit of money to connect with an influencer's audience?

How do you know when you're an influencer?

Is that a business model that you might want to consider?

So, oh man. I have talked my mouth dry, and Lupe said she can't wait for me to be on her podcast.

I can't wait either! That's going to be awesome.



Lupe's starting a new podcast and I hope she doesn't mind me saying that to the world, but she's serious and I know it's still happening.

I'm putting you on the spot. I'm really excited about that.

Suzanne said she forgot to come on today. Suzanne, I'm glad you're here.

I am wrapping up.

I will definitely hang out for just a minute and see if there's any last minute questions coming through.

Just to recap for anybody who joined us late, we didn't really have a topic today.

This is an ask me anything, but I also shared some two book recommendations and I will post that in the description of this video after afterwards so that you guys can check those out.

Now we talked, I mentioned this really briefly when in the initial introduction of myself and my story and about different business models online has said, I don't, for example, post Amazon links a lot or affiliate links, but this is a perfect example of a time when I mention these books very organically in this video.


I can now when I go back into the video and I edit the caption and say, hey, here's what we talked about today. I'll say, I mentioned these two books. They're really good.

I can put an Amazon affiliate link in there.

Again, for me in my business, that doesn't generate a lot of revenue per se.

Because I don't have tons of people who watch these videos and click on my links, but that's a perfect example of what an influencer business model would be for, because I'm not charging you for this information, but I would be posting affiliate links.

"Hey, if you do use this, I would love for you to use my link, no big deal if you don't," but that's what it is, how an influencer business would be built is not necessarily, you're not charging your audience for the information, but you're what you're selling is, you're getting a commission from Amazon or from whatever it is that you're promoting.


Your product that you're selling is your audience's attention that you're driving to the driving to Amazon really essentially.

 That specific book or maybe a tool or an app that you're an affiliate for, and that you really believe in.

That's what an influencer business model is in a nutshell.

I'm calling on Kate Jones and I hope she can hear me.

I know she's not here, but she's going to come on and we're going to talk more about that, because yeah, I think it's really interesting.

It seems to be where a lot of the big industry bloggers who are - have big blogs this is, they're the unofficial ads of our modern age - because people they trust more what they read in a blog or whatever, somebody who's very relatable or somebody who they have a lot in common with, they trust an honest review from them.


Even knowing that it's an affiliate link, hey, if you do click this link or whatever - you're supporting my blog in my business.

They know that it's an ad, but it feels more authentic than seeing an advertisement on TV.

That seems to be definitely where that industry is moving to.

In general, with companies that are advertising in the future, it's a huge movement and huge multimillion dollar and growing business for companies to spend their advertising dollars, sponsoring blog posts, sponsoring Instagram posts with influencers because they know that the traffic that they get is so much more real. It's cheaper than spending a million dollars on a TV advertisement.

Hope that makes sense, Suzanne said, hey Kate, I don't know if Kate's here, but anyway, Pavla said, I love watching you every day.


Thank you for all the info, encouragement and making all this seem so much easier.

That just makes my day because that is exactly all I'm hoping to do by doing this.

It certainly is another outlet for me too, to feel I'm being helpful in these crazy times.

Thank you guys for coming today.

I will post tomorrow a time and a topic.

If you have requests, I am taking them for sure.

You can leave a comment on this video or any other video and it's helpful if you tag me, it's helpful to tag my page or you can tag me as a person on Facebook just to make sure that I see it.

If you're just - hey, dying to know more about some particular thing, I would love to know.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday evening and I'll talk to you soon! Bye.

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