You Might Need A Biz BFF... 

You need more than an accountability partner, but expensive 1:1 coaching is out of the question.

You're using valuable time with your therapist talking about your biz (and you can't write off the expense!)

You won't settle anymore for having a boss,
but still would love a mentor who's been where you are.

You want to bounce big ideas with someone who gets what you're doing, but your friends are clueless.

You aren't getting what you want out of another program, and need someone to vent to that won't judge.

You're willing to do the work on your own, but you still want personal feedback.

This is your happy medium. 🌤

A letter to my future bestie...

Hi, it's Jen! 😁

I want to share a little bit about why I created this offer -- and why NOW.

There's something magical about having someone to talk to that gets what you're trying to do as an entrepreneur (in any kind of business.)

But for an online course creator -- I've noticed that it's easy to get lost... or left out.

The "cliques" tend to get formed within expensive, $30k+ masterminds.

The coaching programs and communities designed for you are costing more, competing for your attention with more "urgency", and leaving you with less.

You try to join some of those groups, but people aren't always willing to open up, share what works, or give you direct feedback.

Or the coaching style is super aggressive -- and you didn't know that going in.

(I know exactly what it feels like to join one of those and then start to feel that pit in your stomach every time the payment plan hits your bank account.)

It gets very frustrating, and very expensive -- very quickly.

You try to find a simple accountability partner to help you focus, but then you also have to focus on being a good accountability partner in return.

You want to reach out to friends in real life, but hesitate -- you haven't been nurturing those relationships because you're trying to accomplish big things right now. And they don't have a clue about making money online.

I created Your Biz BFF because what I know is this:

  • Despite what it may look like the "big" 7-8 figure course creators are doing, it is possible to build a multiple 6-figure business without acting exactly like them
  • You need a reliable, ethical business coach -- without signing a massively expensive contract
  • You need someone who has actually been doing all this online course stuff full-time, for years
  • You value having a smart friend who can "keep up" with your multiple irons in the fire 🔥
  • You need someone who will do more than just cheer for you (but you also would like that too!)
  • You need to feel comfortable asking the "stupid questions" without having to pretend like you know what everyone is talking about
  • You need someone to give honest feedback and opinions about the quality of your work, who is also willing to teach you HOW to analyze on your own
  • You need someone who understands the ins and outs of online business strategy to apply their knowledge to YOUR work
  • You sometimes need a place to vent, freak out, and talk through things -- without being judged or billed by the hour


This is the happy middle for ALL of that - where you know that it's about you and YOUR work.

Where you know you’ll be heard, seen, and answered...

...without having to make too big of a formal coaching commitment, or having to worry about asking how I'm doing in return ;)

We can just go as fast as you want to.

If you remember nothing else from this letter: the reason why everyone that has ever worked this closely with me over a period of time goes on to do much bigger & better things than before is because my 1:1 coaching/training/friendship style is empowering.

It's warm & friendly & open, while being firm & fanatical about paying attention to the right details along the way.

My goal is for you to be thrilled about our work together, because you are seeing tangible results that I've taught you how to take control over.

If this feels like the right next step for you, I hope to get that notification from you soon!

With gratitude,

P.S. There is a scholarship application for Your Biz BFF open here.

Introducing Your Biz BFF

Unlimited VIP Support

Count on personal communication that is both flexible and customized to your goals.

Preferred Pricing On Services

Need something done FOR you? Get 10% off of every service while you are a member.

No Long-Term Contract

No-hassle, "no hard feelings" cancellations. We expect you to grow and graduate!

Here's What You Get:

✔ An expert to be 100% on your side: Jen has the professional experience and tools to support every aspect of your business

✔ Get feedback on any or all of your work: unlimited email, texting, or live calls as-needed to support your projects

✔ Stay flexible & take "massive action": brainstorm your next move, or change direction without breaking a pre-defined contract

✔ Always know what your next step should be: stay at the front of the line with priority scheduling (+ honest opinions!)

✔ Always know what to say: the more you grow, the more people are listening - Jen will help you work through those obstacles

✔ Full immersion: make the transition to an online-based biz by closely connecting to someone who is living it day in & day out

✔ Learn the “why”: ask any and all questions, so that you really know what goes on behind the scenes of the online business world

My Goal Is For You To Get A 5x Return On Your Investment

I want you to feel excited when you pay the monthly fee -- because we are getting real results together!

Here are some example use cases for Your Biz BFF:

The Builder

You're doing the work, getting the feedback, implementing, repeat.

Instead of paying $1350 for 10 cycles of Quick Audit ($100) + Tell Me My Next Step ($35), you get all of that included with Your Biz BFF... plus any other communication in-between to ask questions or see examples.

The Scaler

You already have a functioning online business, but want to improve sales.

Instead of paying $1000 for a single Deep Audit, you pay much less for the same thing with Your Biz BFF... plus receive priority scheduling for VIP conference calls.

The Connector

You are finding it impossible to get things done without touching base with someone about your ideas.

Instead of paying $800 a month for a weekly Flash Brainstorm ($150) and Give Me 10 ($50), you get all of that included with Your Biz BFF... plus an open invitation to send emails or audio messages to share whatever is on your mind.

What Is The Catch?

🚨 This is NOT for you if you are not yet working on digital courses and products with the goal of making a full-time income online. But if you'd like to be? -- we have lots of resources to help you get started!

🚨 This offer does not include any done-for-you work or tech support. You'll get 10% off any services we offer, as long as you are an active client. (And if you do have a tech problem -- we will usually refer you to the live chat for the app you are using -- they are much better than us!)

🚨 There are truly just a few spots available, and pricing will increase in the future. But, you can keep your pricing as long as you stay an active client!

See checkout page for further terms and conditions for Your Biz BFF.

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