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How To Collaborate With Others Online

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Hello everybody.

It's Jen Kilbourne Obermeier and it is Wednesday, April 15th. It is the end of a very productive and long few days for me.

I hope it has been the same for you!

I did not pre-announce today's live video because I didn't really know what topic I was going to discuss until just a few moments ago and I thought it would be good to just actually tell you in real time what I have been working on for the past few days.

For one of the projects in my business and share with you a little bit behind the scenes about why that became a priority and what I was doing with it.

If you're just joining in, please say hello - I love seeing the comments and I being able to see that you're there.


And I can't know that you're there, unless you say something so type in the chat who you are, where you at and what you're working on.

Let me just,catch you up from the past few days yesterday.

No live video yesterday.

I did livestream a practice rehearsal for a live session that I was doing today for a presentation for an online conference for interior designers that was hosted by an app called Vishion.

And so a few weeks ago I was approached by the founder of the app who was putting on the virtual conference market for interior designers.

And she asked me if I would present a topic around adapting to virtual project management for interior designers.

Let me give you a little bit behind the scenes about this project.


I said yesterday, you guys, if you caught my live stream yesterday, I practiced my webinar online and then today I did it live for their audience.

It was a free event.

And then after afterwards, or after the event is over, it will be sent out to everybody so they can watch the replay and get the resources and all that stuff.

You may be thinking, or you may be wondering why, I would have chosen to do that.

Or maybe you're not wondering this specific question, but you might be asking yourself - what was the strategy behind that?

I'm going to spend our live chat, our live video today breaking down a little bit behind the scenes of my thinking about that.

How I chose to approach it, and what I am doing to use that, to expand my business in the long run.


Hopefully this is inspiring to you or at least interesting in small ways, but let me know what questions you have about this because this is a really fun project for me.

And I want to share and just be helpful.

Here is the deal.

As you know my main business is I am a business coach and consultant for the professional organizing industry.

Now a closely related industry is interior designers.

When this someone in the interior design industry approached me and said, we're throwing together a virtual conference because their main get together thing that they have every single year, their largest interior design conference was postponed from what it was, I think it was supposed to be next week originally.

It was postponed till summer.


This chick who was super smart and a huge hustler - she put together an online conference.

To not, of course, take its place, but fill in the gaps for what is normally their industry sharing of information.

They usually see new products, see new retail distributors, and get to have sales conversations.

They get to network, they get to learn from industry leaders and that type of thing.

Of course, nothing takes the place of being in person and getting to hang out with your friends and go to the big High Point Market every year.

But considering that we can't do that right now, Sam saw the opportunity to bring together people online and at least have some educational up to date topics that were presented.

And then also experiment with having designers showcase their new collections in an online format, obviously in normal times that would not be their first choice, but she's - what better time than now to try out some new things.


I see some comments there. Thank you so much.

When Sam came to me and said, will you present - were you willing to do a topic about virtual project management?

I, number one, just wanted to say yes, just because I wanted to say yes <laugh>, but I love project management.

That is a facet of what I teach for professional organizers.

And as I said today, in my actual presentation, I teach the most organized people in the world how to organize their businesses.

I was - I do feel I have something to add to this, even though it's for an audience that is slightly outside of my niche.

What is, what is the strategy or what is the goal in this?

Number one, for me, it was really just to make new connections.


I don't have a product that is specifically geared for interior designers.

I don't have some, I didn't have a thing that I was trying to sell them by going and presenting this webinar today.

I do have one-off coaching services.

That would be really beneficial for someone who really wanted to pick my brain on a specific topic or possibly have a quick consult about how strategically adding a professional organizer to their interior design team could help them in the long run.

That is one approach, but I wasn't really there to sell coaching.

I was not there to sell a course, but I was there to definitely expand my network of people who know me now.

I don't really know, or I can't really put into words what my long term career goals are, but as you're growing an online business or becoming known in a certain industry, it only makes sense that people who are in slightly related industries and interested in topics that are very close to them would benefit from knowing that you're there and knowing what you do and knowing that you're available.

Because let's say, this is just one example of many, let's say one of the interior designers that was on there today.

She has no use necessarily forever sending money towards my business.

She doesn't want to get coaching.

She doesn't want to buy my course or whatever, but - let's say down the road, she meets someone locally who they're interested in providing organizing services or learning more about the organizing business and how we approach sales and pricing and all this stuff she'd say, oh yeah, I remember I "met virtually" or I attended this webinar from this girl and she was crazy and informal, but she was really funny and really memorable.


"...And I love the way that she taught this specific topic even though it's for interior designers".

It was a way for me to just plant some seeds and hopefully make some connections, even if it wasn't for myself, but for my students.

I'm jumping ahead now, but one of my calls to action - we've been talking about calls to action and everything that you do was if they would to be connected with someone in my Inspired Organizer network either to work together strategically in their business, or possibly just to hire that organizer to come and help them get their ish together, right at this moment that I would do a little matchmaking for free that doesn't represent a huge time investment on my part because I have, I have people in that Inspired Organizer network all over the country and all over the world.


And so if someone writes me and says, I'm in Lubbock, Texas, I could be - I know the perfect person for you and that's Cabri Carpenter.

And she is amazing, really with it, really together.

And she's been a long time part of our community.

That for example is one way that I can leverage that those networking connections: it's not just for myself, it's for promoting the goodwill in my community and so on.

Whether that person ends up referring someone to my business or expanding my network so that even though they were not necessarily going to become my next client, it is going to be good for me and my business and my students in the long run.

I hope that explains that was my thinking as far as why I would accept an interior design opportunity so frequently.


On top of that, I built a very strong connection with my new best friend, Sam, who is the amazing female entrepreneur who, as I mentioned, threw this whole thing together.

And she and I spoke several times in advance of this whole thing.

I mean, not far in advance, because heck she only got the idea three weeks ago.

She sent out some exploratory emails.

I wrote her back and I said, yes, I'm absolutely interested.

One thing that I did, and I want you to always be thinking about this, no matter what business you're in is how can you assist that person further?

Of course, you were the one who was invited and you're the one who's saying yes, but it's - how can I assist you in promoting this conference?


One thing I wrote back to Sam early on was: here are my ideas.

I'm definitely on board.

This timing works for me, by the way, if you want to jump on a quick conversation and I let her book a call with me.

I said, if you want to jump on a quick conversation that we can record for my podcast, then I can push that out super quickly to all of my listeners.

That helps drive them and bring them into this event.

And again, there's that opportunity for cross-promotion because my listeners are all professional organizers.

They're not necessarily interior designers, but because a lot of them have the same interests.

Some of them, for example, have some background in interior design or wish they were in interior decorating instead of organizing or whatever.


We all have something in common, which is that we love helping create functional, beautiful spaces.

We love working in beautiful homes.

We serve the same types of clientele.

And so what I said to my listeners was - here's how we position this.

It said, here's a conversation that I'm having with Sam who one, look at how quickly she stepped up and adapted to a new situation.

And so I held her up as - here's a model for somebody who's - I'm not waiting around for somebody to do this for me and to make it perfect.

She was just thinking - this needs to happen.

And so we're going to be the ones to do it.

Her company sponsored the whole thing and she coordinated all of the sessions and made it all work together, which was incredible.

We talked about that.


We talked about that mindset of stepping up and raising your hand and being the one.

But then I also said to my audience that said, this is an opportunity if you are stuck at home and wanting to learn and wanting to do something productive in your business, this is an opportunity for you to listen in for free on conversations that are happening in the interior design world, which is very relevant because these are the people who I am always saying, - you've got to get to know these people in your community.

You cannot escape the necessity of being known by the major players that are in the home services industry in your community.

The faster you can make those connections and make friends with those people, the faster your business is going to take off.

You don't have to have been in the industry for 20 years before.


You're - you know, really getting great clients.

I am always teaching that to my students.

I really wanted to model that and say, look, this is not about getting something back today or making money today.

<laugh> This is about strengthening your positioning.

As far as - I am the expert in this thing.

I can offer my expertise for free, which is what I did.

I now am pretty sure that Sam and I were going to - as soon as quarantine is ever, we're going to be hanging out, which is awesome because - she just, she is a cool person.

I mean, God, I hope she's not listening to this.

I'm such a fan girl.

No, I hope she is listening to this because I am such a fan girl.


She's incredible. I'm sure she knows lots of people.

I know lots of people somewhere down the road and we only live a couple hours from each other, somewhere down the road, there's going to be some benefit to what she does and what I do, even though it's not immediately apparent today.

Does that make sense? And then down the road, hopefully she when she repeats this, I know she has plans to repeat this online virtual market.

You know, maybe I get the invitation to come back and teach more about that same topic or more on a different topic or in some other way that I have already connected with her audience that they're asking we the way she teaches the thing or that was really, interesting.

And now we're in a place a couple months from now where we know more about how we're adapting and what we need for virtual project management.


Hi, Gabrielle you're checking in on me. I love you girl. I'm so happy to see you.

Suzette's there,  glad that you guys are here.

Uh <laugh> so let me tell, let me just share a little bit more about the nitty gritty in one other aspect.

Today here's what I wanted to do, and this is what you should also always be thinking.

If you ever have the opportunity to collaborate and cross-promote with somebody else's audience, make sure that they have some way to connect with you.

Can you try your best to get their email address?

That if in the future you want to reach them directly and say, hi thank you so much for attending blah blah blah, by the way.

Many people requested more information.

I put together a little, if I ever did want to sell something, which I was not selling anything today, but if I did want to I could say, I put together a little training about the project management principles that we talked about today, and I can email them directly because I had them opt-in and this is what I did.


I had them opt in.

We've always, we've been talking about email freebies, lead magnets and stuff.

My lead magnet today was a it was a private page on the Pro Organizer Studio site, but I did Pro Organizer Studio slash the name of the event.

And I, that was my call to action at the end of the webinar.

I'm not giving that away just because I don't know why.

I don't want to mess up my opt-ins and stuff.

I don't know.

Anyway if you watch the webinar, because you were actually interested in the topic, you can opt in and see what I'm talking about.

Otherwise you don't really need to see it.

I'm just explaining it to you.

It was and it was a private URL that was not linked to any other page.


And then I went onto a separate piece of software that I have called LeadPages.

I pay for LeadPages for a couple of different reasons for my business.

And it allows you to create just a one page website to opt in something - you can opt in on that website and get a lead magnet, or what you can also do with LeadPages is create popup boxes, where they enter in their email address, and then they're redirected to another page so that they can get their resources. In the 30 minutes before my webinar today, <laugh> I well, I had already created the resources page, but then I decided I was - I really need to make sure that I can get their email address if at all possible, but I didn't want to make it, they couldn't get the resources if they didn't, if they didn't put their email address in.


The resources pages on the website, the LeadPages opt in box, I created on LeadPages and I connected that to that page so that when they visit the page, they will see the box that says welcome.

Welcome visitors from enter in your email.

And then the button just says, get the resources from Jen's session.

If they didn't want to do that, they could X out of it and they could still see the page.

It's not a big deal, but I was at least gently trying to get their email address.

And then on, my resources page, I linked back to, I was thinking about, and this is what you should do too.

Thinking about being as super helpful as possible.

I linked to my slides from my presentation today.

Steve has a good question.


I will definitely come right back to that, because I'm yes, I'll come right back to that.

I linked to the slides from my presentation today, I linked to two books that I mentioned in the presentation today.

I linked to two blog, post articles that were really helpful that were just free articles.

I'm not promoting anybody.

This was very, this was more in depth because it only had 30 minutes to present on this topic.

Then I shared a list of project management tools because we did not go into in depth about choosing which project management tool that they were going to do today.

But I gave them ones that were specific to the interior design industry and then others that were more general that any company could use to adapt to project management, such as Asana,, Dubsado - ones that I, am more familiar with because I've never worked as an interior designer.


Some of their other ones, I linked them to, I linked to mine.

That was a way for me to avoid having to go into details in the presentation.

It was - hi, I'm going to drive you to my resources list and that will be there for you after.

That was all on there.

Then at the bottom, if they did want to work specifically with me and do an executive coaching type of package, one off type of thing, I did give them a link that they could book that.

However, that was just an offer.

It was not necessarily my main, not my main personal hope or outcome of the session, because what I really wanted to do was position myself and my company as a resource for designers to connect with other professional organizers.


And to see that I really walk my talk if I'm, if I don't know how to do, <laugh> project management and organization for other businesses, that would be sad, right?

Because that is what I say my expertise is.

Gave them all these resources.

If they want to work with me, great, that's, it's more expensive, but we can have a conversation about anything.

I will research anything.

I will make that an amazing experience for them.

But then I also said here, if you want to if you want to connect with anyone with, if you want to be matched with someone in our network, you can email us.

As I already explained, and then the last thing was, stay in touch.

And so I put in my LinkedIn profile because everybody knows LinkedIn, everybody is LinkedIn when you're business to business stuff.


And then also put a link to my podcast guest application page, and just called it podcast collaborations because I am, I am always looking for people who can add outside or external information and value to my audience on my podcast.

And so some interior designers might be in that position to want to do that.

And also I want to be, I want to be invited if it's appropriate, to be on other podcasts.

I have appeared on podcast before for that were meant for interior designers.

For example, I did one where I talked about branding.

I did I have done a really general podcast about luxury service businesses, which of course interior design would fall under that.

I am always looking for those opportunities too, just in order to, I said, just expand my audience and really solidify what I'm known for and cross-promote and help get the word out in a referral sense of - oh, I've seen this girl speak before.


She's the one who does the professional organizing training.

That was the strategy with that.

And the one other thing that I think I mentioned on the resources page was I am also available to do custom trainings for your team.

I have been, or I'm even currently contracted to do those kinds of coaching arrangements for small companies or that have teams that all want to learn something all at once.

And so for example, that is something I could do and that's value that I could bring for an interior design firm.

I threw those options out there, but the main point though was if they come and they get on, if they come and look at the resources and then they're already on the website, then anything else that they might have been interested in, the podcast or our blog.


I gently linked from the resources page to those things - you could learn more here, but it wasn't a hard sell or going back to even a few weeks ago, we talked about calls to action and Suzette was saying, she was - well I always struggle with knowing what to say.

And so today at the end of this entire webinar, and I don't know, I think we had 60 people online, but then 80 people had signed up for the session and then it will be sent out to lots and lots of people.

I didn't feel nervous because all I was saying was - this is my free opt-in I wasn't talking about trying to sell them on working with me or what have you.


I did have a couple of affiliate links for the books that I mentioned on Amazon were affiliate links.

And then I have one affiliate link for one of the project management tools.

That was - you know, some very light, opportunities for monetization, but that's small in the long run.

All in all, and I can't, I don't have numbers yet because I don't have - <laugh>, I don't even have this.

I just did all this today.

I can't tell you precisely how did this impact my business?

What was the ROI on doing this type of thing, but I can tell you that, for sure, it's all about building relationships.

And so, for example, because I put a lot into this, hopefully not only the organizers of the event, but also the people who attended the event say we want to learn more from her and that would be great.


I would love to do that.

Again, it's just something to continue planting seeds.

That down the road, if there is an opportunity that makes sense to do a paid workshop or whatever.

And if I have 50 people show up or a hundred people show up, that's awesome, right?

Because - let's say that's a $25 or $40 product.

It's not super expensive, but that's a small revenue driver for the company.

And then it continues to expand the audience.

Even though it's not the main primary thing that I'm known for and what I do, if that makes sense.

That those are the kinds of things that you can be thinking about.

As you're thinking about growing your business online, you don't have to talk about your one niche forever, because I know that might bore some of you to tears <laugh>.


And if you're me, you're multi-passionate.

It made me feel good to be able to, speak about something different and speak to a new group of people.

It was really fun!

Suzette said she likes the idea of a separate LeadPage specifically for the event.

Oh, separate URL specifically for the event.

She said I did a cross-promo live in someone's Facebook group today, but I wasn't sure how to deliver my resources.

Well, this is really interesting.

Suzette you mean when you were talking about how to deliver the resources, were you talking about the exact, go to this page or did you want to have it as a download, a downloadable PDF?

That was something I also thought about doing a download and then I just thought, you know what, let's just get them on the website so that they can see the other links if they're interested.


The one thing sometimes about taking them to just an opt-in and then a download is that they don't see everything else that you also do.

Since I knew that I had the opportunity where maybe some of those designers are already doing a little bit of organizing and they're thinking, "I didn't even realize this was a whole separate business."

I wanted to be able to offer them a silver platter of options if you will.

Gabrielle said it was an excellent webinar.

Thank you.

She said I was my authentic self.

And thank you for saying that, because I really felt that I was a little, a little goofy.

But also I'm very passionate about a very nerdy topic. I was trying to - you know, make it fun.

Steve said, and this is a great question.


He said, how would LeadPages - the app, the platform that I was talking about or the tool that I was talking about differ from just using Kajabi and what would your advice be on that?

Steve, I am also as a Kajabi user, if I, if I didn't if I didn't already have a LeadPages account, I probably would've just made it on Kajabi, but there are a couple different reasons for that.

I hope I'm not boring you guys, but I'm going to go into a little bit of detail about this since Steve asked.

And I'm always saying I'm willing to go deeper if you ask the questions.

Here it goes.

Steve, one reason why I have LeadPages for my business is that my main - we've talked about opt-ins - my main opt-in for the whole business is hosted on a separate URL - it has its own domain name.


Everything else we do is under Pro Organizer

My lead magnet, which is a "Roadmap" PDF, is [email protected].

There's a couple reasons for that.

One of the reasons that I have that on LeadPages is because I don't need to have an entire website for it.

I just need to have the landing page, the opt-in, and then it all connects on the back end, so that when somebody opts in for that roadmap, they are connected to my email list.

They get the delivery of the lead magnet from LeadPages, and then they begin in our email sequence.

We've talked about automated email sequences.

Steve, to take it a step further, I do, even though Kajabi has the all in one platform for emails and that type of thing...

I actually also use Active Campaign as my main email list provider, because it does have advanced automation that Kajabi does not have.


However, just about a week ago, I upgraded from the Kajabi basic plan to the pro plan that does have the automation.

And so I have not yet looked into whether I can completely replace Active Campaign with the Kajabi automations.

That's on my list.

In fact, I really hope I have that written down somewhere.

I do. So, as I mentioned, one reason why we have the main lead magnet hosted on a separate domain is because when we are on our podcast, we want it to be audio only.

Now we, on, the main Pro Organizer Studio website, we have it on the homepage.

We have it in every blog post.

We have that opt in everywhere.

If they're on the site, but if, when they hear it, what we want them to hear is "Visit to get the roadmap for starting and growing a pro a successful business" or whatever.


We want it to be so clear and simple from an just an audio standpoint that they just remember it after repetition and then go and type it into their browser.

So that if they never look at our show notes and they never - oh no, Steve, I'm listening to you.

And he just messaged me and says, he can't, he can't find my live stream.

Hope you find your way back or listen to the replay.

If those people never read our show notes, never visit a blog post or anything, and all they ever do is just listen to our podcast.

We want them to visit that URL by typing it in, and then they get into our world.

If that makes sense.

Then the other reason why we have LeadPages separate from my website platform, which right now is on Showit, which is a, essentially a very complicated WordPress plug plugin very advanced WordPress plugin.


it's a WordPress site.

I have Kajabi as my platform for the course.

The reason why we have LeadPages for our lead magnets and opt-ins, and, just easy landing page stuff is because the load time for those pages is so much faster because there's not an entire website that is loading every single time that URL gets summoned or called or whatever, in less than half a second.

And as you know, in online business, sometimes those milliseconds can turn into loss of people actually waiting around and waiting for the page to load so that they can read the page and then opt in.

So it's the conversion rate for just a faster loading time.

And so then that way, if Showit was ever really slow or Kajabi was ever really slow, you have a separate platform that is very much intended for very fast, high up time.


Then the other thing, Steve is that Kajabi is just not sometimes, unfortunately Kajabi, even though it's an all in one tool.

It is not sometimes the, when it's all in one, it's not the best at ALL of those things.

And so some of the Kajabi landing pages are a little bit harder, I think to customize, to - make them look good.

But absolutely if you only had one tool if you only had Kajabi, you could do every landing page in Kajabi.

I could have created a landing page in Kajabi for what I was talking about today and, have them opt in and then go to a thank you page, which would be the resources page.

I could have done that.

My thing is that as I mentioned, I have different URLs for each thing.


in Kajabi, it's - that's my, that's my universe for Inspired Organizer, which is my course.

Any landing page that I create in Kajabi is going to be - that URL is going to be.

I didn't want what we were doing today - I didn't want that to live on my course platform.

I wanted it to be more on the Pro Organizer Studio platform so that they want to connect more with all of our free resources, our podcasts, our events, my coaching, learn more about what we do that they could just be over there.

I hope that makes sense.

Another thing Steve, that I could have done was I could have, I could have just made it a LeadPage instead of having it be a private page on Pro Organizer Studio.


But as I mentioned earlier, then that way they wouldn't have been linked to, they would not have been linked to all of the things that already live on Pro Organizer Studio.

And also the URL with my LeadPages would all be, which for this particular event, doesn't make a lot of sense because they're - what is that?

That's not the business that you said that you run.

I wanted them to be in my home base area, if that makes sense.

I hope that was not, I said, it was a very detailed answer because you asked the question, but for, most everybody else, if I lost you, please let me know what it is that you might want to know more about that if something I said, just piqued your interest, I would love to know just so I can - explain or expand on that in a future video, Suzette said she made a PDF download with affiliate links for them, which -- that was really smart.


Did you have them opt in opt in on your main website and then send them the PDF?

Because I think that's super smart.

I think there there's several different ways to do it.

But I think that's brilliant to deliver them something that's a download, then they keep it.

Whereas with the method that I was explaining, it's almost a, it's almost their own private blog post, if you will.

You know, there are pros and cons for both the easiest thing.

The easiest thing too, is that if I want to update that same page, I said, if I get invited to present at this conference again I can just continue updating that same page.

Whereas if I had sent everybody a PDF the first time, I wouldn't have a way to - I'd have to email them every time I want to tell them something else, if that makes sense.


Ah there's pros and cons for both!

Steve said he's back. He got kicked off. Steve.

You'll definitely have to go back and listen to the last several minutes while I was really going into detail about Kajabi and LeadPages and Showit, why do I have all these separate things?

They're all for different reasons.

It's certainly in my wishlist that I can combine all these in this magical way, but until one of those tools becomes the best at everything.

I am very content with having a few different things, but they're all connected in the back end so that they all talk to each other automatically, which is great.

I'm going to cut myself off.

Oh, Suzette has one more thing.


She said, I gave them a link to my free resource library, lead magnet, but then I gave them the PDF for free.

She said, I wish I had given them the link straight to that straight to that resource though.

I mean, if you have, as we've mentioned before, if you have the Facebook pixel set up on your website, even if you - didn't get their email address for some reason, later on you can, if you have enough people who visited that page, you can retarget that page with a quick Facebook ad or something where it's - I'm doing this, paid workshop that's related to the topic that brought them to that page in the first place.

That would be a way to retarget or nurture those people with a Facebook ad.

Obviously if you have their email address, Suzette, you can continue to - maybe a few weeks from now, you say, here's an update to the thing that I shared back on so and so's page on April 15th if you'd to learn more, blah blah blah, you can still continue to follow up with them because they did opt in which means they were interested and they wanted to know more so well done.

I'm proud of you!


Okay guys.

Hope this was helpful.

Hope this was interesting at least to think about and I appreciate everybody's support Gabrielle - thank YOU for actually coming to the webinar today!

That was really fun. It was really cool.

You guys can see it, if you do want to see it.

I did a, practice run through last night live, I don't know where I get these crazy ideas.

I did a live run through yesterday on both this Facebook page and the Pro Organizer Studio Facebook page.

And then today it was streamed live from Vishion. It's spelled vision, but within H in the middle, like fashion.

V I S H I O N so from their Facebook page and their YouTube channel, they streamed live every single session.


That got shared today on my Facebook pages from theirs, if that makes sense.

They streamed live from Zoom.

It was really cool.

It was, it seems complicated.

It's not that bad, but I was on a Zoom meeting with Sam.

I did the presentation and it was being streamed live on Facebook and YouTube all at once, which was really awesome.

When the presentation started, I was on my phone, I was sharing it to Pro Organizer Studio.

That those people could still view it or at least see the replay after the fact, even if they hadn't registered for the session and weren't actually attending in Zoom.

It was, it was pretty cool how all that worked!

Friends. I will check in with you tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

Oh my goodness. Another week is already halfway over!

Appreciate you guys very much.

Talk to you later! Bye.

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