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How To Do Video Marketing

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Hey there! I'm going live today in the group for a chat all about video marketing.

If you're watching this on the replay, glad you're here!

Hope you guys who are here live have lots of questions in a big fat notebook and a pen, a really good pen to take a bunch of notes.

Start a little bit early so we can get all the, “can you hear me and see me” stuff out of the way at the beginning? And I want to show you all this.

Can you see that this is calligraphy? That my daughter did.

She made me a little desk sign with my name, which is so sweet.

She's always - or both my kids actually.

They're like - are you in charge of your business? I said, yes, I am.

But interestingly enough, so my daughter's 11 and she learned how to do calligraphy, by watching YouTube videos, which is going to be really relevant to what we're talking about today.


So I wanted to show you all that <laugh> this is going to be so interesting today because I've been doing videos now for a long time, and I've never really talked about the process of what it feels to be sitting on this side.

This will be really cool.

Kelly's here. Hey Kelly.

<laugh> a part, a part of every single video that you ever do on Facebook or on Instagram or anything that has a live component this, with what we're doing is there is always this lag of when you're talking and when people hear you and then when they type back and they respond.

That's something that you never quite get used to, but I'm even - getting used to it right now, still.

Colleen's here. Hey Colleen.

Here's a quick overview of the things that we're going to talk about today:


 I have a feeling that I could go on for easily an hour and a half, if not two hours.

This is going to be really I'm going to try not to overwhelm you with too much information, but I really want to answer questions that you guys have.

Please feel free to ask me to elaborate along the way.

But what we're going to talk about today, first of all, I'm going to share a quick overview of my experience with marketing online with doing videos.

Because there is a behind-the-scenes mechanical process and mechanical is not the right word, but this invisible process of how all this works.

And I want to share that with you guys in terms of how Pro Organizer Studio came to be and my YouTube channel and all that stuff.


So I'm going to talk about that.

You guys know where I'm coming from.

But I will also share - as we're talking through some of these things today, some things that I will tell you that if I were to start all over again today, here's what I would do differently than what I did.

I'm going to try to give you multiple perspectives.

Hopefully you'll resonate with one or the other or somewhere in between.

Laura here, Cheryl's here.

Hello guys.

Thank you for saying hi.

Okay, so I'm going to share my story when we talk a little bit about a brief overview of the, explain it I'm five years old version, where can you put videos online? Who's going to see them? There are several different platforms, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

We're going to talk a little bit about each one of those.

I'm going to share some equipment FYIs <laugh> I'll cut to the chase and say, I keep mine as simple as possible.


So I think you guys will really appreciate that.

Just - if you're just getting started and dipping your toe in the water, don't feel I'm going to tell you have to have all this fancy expensive stuff because you do not.

I'm going to share about editing tools because I think that's probably a common question.

And then we're going to dive deeper into what do I talk about? <laugh> - what do, if okay, if I'm going to go live on my Facebook page or I'm going to do an Instagram story, what do I talk about? So we're going to, we're going to dive into that and then I'm going to share how you can use one piece of video content and repurpose it in a bunch of different ways all over the internet.

And for what reasons, why would you choose to do that? 

Why is that worth it? We're going to go into all of that.

And then I hope to wrap up by sharing some tips or five steps that I came up with for the basics of creating a consistent strategy for yourself.

Because I think that's really - I'm always pushing people to - don't wait until you have it all figured out and to just get started.

But I think it is helpful to just get started if you know where you want to go with it and if you're going to commit to it that you can be consistent because you do have a plan.

We're going to share about that and then I will be open for Q&A at the end.

I got nowhere to go, which is always good for you guys because <laugh> I just I'll share everything I know about this.


 so whatever questions you guys have, I will certainly answer and I will try my best to watch through the chat.

I'll watch, I can see the chat as we're going.

I can see some questions too.

But if I don't answer you, it may be because when I'm, doing this particular Facebook Live from my laptop.

We're going to talk about that too.

On that equipment piece, I'm on my laptop and I am not positive that I see every single comment that goes by.

I believe I see most of them though.

Talk about that.

If you are somebody who does not feel they're very tech savvy, I hope that today you feel you have some of those general questions answers so that you at least know what to Google or what to figure out next.


 again, I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible, but if I say anything that seems a technical term or feels it's over your head, please say something in the chat because I won't know how to follow up and give you better information if you don't say - okay - I need, I need it broken down even more.

Please don't, be the person who's afraid to say that because I'm sure there is somebody else out there thinking about it too.

I know there are some people on, I hope some more people come to join us live because that is just so that is just fun.

Let me share this.

I said I was going to start off by talking about my story.

Some of you guys know this and I'm sorry to bore you with the same information, but maybe not from the perspective of how exactly video, how it all works together.


 So three years ago, almost three, almost three years ago, I created a free Facebook group and it is no longer living alive.

I close it down after a while because it just did not fit with the needs of my business anymore.

And it was just a choice I had to make because it became a lot to manage.

That's a whole other story.

Almost three years ago it was Sept actually this is September and it was, yeah, it was in September three years ago that I created a free Facebook group and it had zero people in it.

Zero <laugh>.

And it was for the purpose of talking and sharing about social media marketing.

I had this idea.

It was about, it was about four, it was four professional organizers, but I thought it was going to be more about just marketing for professional organizers, interestingly enough.


 and how social media plays into that website design, which I was really focused on at that time was helping -I thought that my goal with Pro Organizer Studio was to help professional organizers create better websites.

Safe to say, I did not know how much it was going to expand from there.

I created a free Facebook group and inside that Facebook group.

That means that you could not see this video unless you were a part of that group.

And again, at that time there were zero people in it other than me, I was the only one.

I did my very first Facebook Live video, just I'm doing now inside the Inspired Organizer group in a free Facebook group that nobody was listening to.

This is a critical piece of my story because at that time Pro Organizer Studio was really a side-hustle on top of a side-hustle on top of a day job that I wasn't super committed to.


 - I wasn't really clear about where any of this was going to go.

But it was very important to me that what I was doing was secret.

<laugh> - I didn't want anybody to see, this was not a video that I wanted people that I knew to ever see.

That's, important because if you guys are listening and you're - I do want to do video, but I don't want my coworker to find out, or I don't want my ex-boyfriend to see it on my Facebook page or whatever.

I want you to know that it can be done.

You don't, there are some ways to get around the, putting yourself out there, fear.

Because I had no problem really talking to strangers.

I just really wanted it to be separate from the rest of my life.


 So here's what happened.

I believe hang on a second.

I had a Facebook page for Pro Organizer Studio, but it had no fans, no followers.

I didn't have any content on it.

I actually didn't really focus on growing my Facebook page.

The business Facebook page until later.

I was focused on growing that group.

What I did was I did a Facebook Live inside the Facebook group and I downloaded that video after I was done, after I was done, the video lives on inside the Facebook group, but I downloaded the video and then I re-uploaded it to YouTube, to a YouTube channel that again had no subscribers.

<laugh> the purpose of doing that and by the way, I was less worried about YouTube just because it's not really that's a much bigger world out there.


It wasn't connected the way Facebook is all connected and everybody - sees you.

When I wasn't as worried about people finding people, I knew finding it on YouTube.

On YouTube there in the title of each video that I would upload or in the description, you can add tags that are not visible to, it's not visible to your video watcher, but it's when people are searching on YouTube because they use YouTube as a search engine they would find my video about professional organizing.

Then what would happen is I would ask people on YouTube to come join the group.

You can participate in this live video that I committed to doing every Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern.

I basically made this commitment to creating this video content, even when there was nobody listening.


So as more people joined the Facebook group, after finding it on YouTube, they would participate in the live chats.

And that was really fun because then they could ask their questions and I could say, Hey, I'm so glad to see you and all that stuff.

And then every week after I was done with my live chat, I would download the video, and put it on YouTube.

And then again, pulling - asking people to come join the group.

The best way I can describe this is later after, a few months of committing to doing this video Q&A format, I started being able to pull common questions out of the Facebook group essentially.

People would comment on the video, but then they would also ask other questions.


And I was - oh, that's the perfect topic for me to do a video.

And so the whole thing started feeding itself.

I had video content planned out, I show up and do my video, download it, and put it on YouTube, more people find it on YouTube, excuse me.

I even have followers or - followers on YouTube that wasn't really my goal to grow a YouTube channel, but I had people following my YouTube channel that probably never even came and join the Facebook group because they're not really Facebook users.

People would leave comments and questions on the YouTube videos as well.

Going back to what, the reason why I want to share this part of my story is that I think that there is probably a lot of you out there who want to build that connection and face-to-face familiarity and trust with people because once people see you on video is a whole other level of feeling they understand you and know your story and know about you.


And then the next logical step for them is, to put it bluntly, to do business with you in some way.

Whatever it is that you guys are thinking about selling with your video content, whether that is your - in-home services locally or some type of virtual coaching option, or even some type of - I don't know you are doing an ebook or you're doing some other type of course or product when people can build that connection with you face to face and feel you're actually engaging with them and answering their questions that is the fastest way that I know of to build an audience of people who you and who trust you.

And they feel - you're easy to relate to.

That is just a brief behind-the-scenes understanding of how I initially grew a, following for Pro Organizer Studio at the same time, of course, I was doing other things I had blog posts and I was putting on Pinterest and people would find the blog posts on Pinterest and then they would come on my website and I would say, Hey, I have this free Facebook group.


And so it's trying to cross-promote different aspects of my business was not the only thing that I did, but I do think it was absolutely the most important thing that I did.

Because people have short attention spans, and they don't want to read super, long articles, but if they hear you talking, it's easier for them to listen while they're doing something else.

And I would have people tell me - oh, I always listen to your replays, while I'm driving to work or something that.

I feel audio is extra efficient for people to hear, out your messaging.

It is what I'm trying to say.

Let me know if you have, if you guys have any questions so far, so I just want to share that quick overview of my experience.


Now, if I were to start all over today, let me, let me say one thing that I would not do.

I wouldn't keep it private in this Facebook group.

I would put it on my Facebook business page.

I feel that might be where a lot of you guys are where you want to be doing more video on your Facebook business page or on your Instagram business or whatever.

And I will say that the method that I just described about putting it - doing video and then cross-promoting it cross or repurposing it on YouTube is going to be very, is going to be a very fast way for you to build an audience organically, meaning that you're not paying for a Facebook ad of some kind to show it to more people you'll, but you will get people who are searching for the keywords that you are targeting.


If that makes sense.

Now I'm going to talk later on about some ways that you, if you want to build your audience, literally as fast as possible, I'm going to talk a little bit about how you can use video and put, a little bit of money behind it with Facebook advertising and build that audience super quickly.

And that will work for you, whether you're trying to do more in-home services or whether you have something else in mind.

That was my overview of my experience.

Let's talk really quick about those platforms themselves.

I am very familiar with Facebook video, but that is not the only place to put videos.

Instagram let me again share this with you.

Just in case you are not super familiar with what all is on Instagram and I'm going to, I'm got my phone second, literally show you.


So on your Instagram page, yes.

You have your feed.

I'm on my Instagram account.

You have your feed and then this little second, people probably don't even realize this there is a second icon in the middle and it looks a little TV with a little lightning bolt through it.

That is Instagram TV.

There are, there is a whole video aspect to Instagram now that you can also be taking advantage of on Instagram TV.

You can upload your Facebook videos, just what I was talking about.

You can upload Facebook videos to YouTube.

You can upload them to Instagram.

You can do a live video on Instagram, just like I was talking about on Facebook Live and you, again, you've got to download it and then upload it to wherever you want it to go.


So your Instagram Live can be re-uploaded to Instagram TV to FA to your Facebook page or to YouTube.

Please don't let me lose you guys, and tell me if I'm going way too fast.

I just want you guys to realize what all the options are.

All right on YouTube.

If you have, if you have, or are wanting to start a YouTube channel now of course you can upload your own content that wasn't ever a live video, to begin with.

That's what a lot of YouTube channels are.

But it's a great place to just go ahead and put in any other old live videos that you've done from Facebook or Instagram, or you can also do YouTube live again and download that and re-upload it everywhere you go.

I hope you guys are seeing the pattern here.



 now something else about Instagram that I don't want to, I don't want to stay too much on this topic today, but Instagram Stories you can do, on your Instagram story, it can be a text post or a photo post.

It doesn't have to be video.

You have the option to do 32nd short videos, or really you can just hold down the button as long as you want to and do a longer video.

I am not personally as comfortable with that.

And the reason for that is only because I have to talk for a long time.

I to tell everything I know.

The only way that I'm really super comfortable doing video is on a Facebook Live or even on Instagram Live where I can just settle in and be - okay, let me tell you everything about this topic.


I'm not great.

Or I, my, I don't personally shine very well in those shorter, 30-second or one-minute videos.

I have seen some people do super long Instagram Stories where they're just holding down the button for five minutes.

And that I personally feel when I watch is really boring.

You just want to skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead.

Because it's just unless you are really truly telling a story where you're taking people - maybe you're on an organizing job and you have your assistant - filming one part of it and then you guys are laughing about another thing and then you're - oops, this thing went wrong, but here's how we fixed it.

And then you do another little segment where you're - here's the finished product.

That to me is very interesting.


I don't think that the best format for you to really share and talk about - tips or <laugh> I don't know anything things that you want to promote.

I don't feel those go as well on Instagram Stories.

Maybe that is only my perception, just my experience.

But I just don't think that shorter format is great for that.

What I do think Instagram Stories are great for, especially when you're going to do little videos is anything that you would say is behind the scenes, on an organizing job, that's not really - you guys know, it's tough to interrupt your organizing job and stage great photos.

It's the bane of the organizer's existence.

And but what is really easy is to do a quick video where you're - okay, yeah, I'm in a dark closet.


It's not super well lit, but I'm just showing you this behind the scenes really quickly.

You don't have to feel - how am I going to make this Instagram-worthy content? That'll be on my feed.

Well, you don't, but it's great to put on Instagram Stories.

There is that video aspect as well.

And you can download Instagram Stories too.

If you do a short little video story where you're showing some different things on your organizing job, you can download that entire story and you can put it on Facebook or even YouTube.

You can, you can put that in other places as well.

Suzette, it's awesome to see you here.

She said it's encouraging to hear that you started when no one was watching.


And I'm going to talk more about that when I get to you guys talking about the basics of creating a consistent strategy, whew, commitment, public commitment, and putting somewhere in writing, on your website <laugh> or on the thumbnails of all your YouTube videos.


Like I go live at 9:00 PM every Tuesdays.

Oh my God.

Well, you can't let people down that way.

So, you can't back out on yourself when you commit to it.


I was extraordinarily nervous when I was starting not talking to anybody, but the thing that I really love about doing live videos is just knowing that there is one, even one other person watching, by the way, when you're going live, I can see in the corner, I can see a little, there is a little eye icon and an account of how many viewers there are.

And I can see right now that there are eight people and I, you guys know I'm a talker, but if I was sitting here trying to do a video this, where, when there wasn't really somebody on the other side of the screen, if I was just trying to sit down and film myself, talking about something, I really struggle.


 I really struggle because I don't really feel it's as natural, but with live video, I really feel I'm talking to somebody and the fact that you guys might type something in the comments I guess is intermittent reinforcement that keeps me going.

Okay, great.

Let's talk a little bit about equipment.

Here is the thing that I believe is so critical about this in order for you to commit to doing it regularly.

It has to be as simple as possible.

And when I say that, I want you guys to think about exactly what you would tell your clients.

You don't want to set up, an organizing system that requires them to be super energized in a great mood.

And - what's the word, <laugh> it just, nothing else could have gone wrong because they've got spend a lot of time doing this complicated system.


No, it's got to be a system that works when you're tired and when you're not, when you're not feeling creative.

And when I'm not going to say you're not in a good mood, because you’ve got to pep yourself up a little bit for a video, but I'm just saying - if you make it complicated for yourself where you have to pull out all of your equipment, do this perfect lighting and then know that you're going to have to do all this editing and fancy stuff on the back end, you will not keep up with it.

I'm not lying at all.

Even if you are listening to this now I do have a caveat for this because I think that they're not scratch that.

I don't think I know that there are some people in here who want to start YouTube channels that are Nikki Boyd level.


Or Abby Lawson does really beautiful, organizing videos that are more professional that do require that next level of equipment, lighting, editing, professionalism, the outfit, the makeup, whatever it is.

I know that there are some people who want, who do want to do that.

I believe if that, unless you have a, unless first of all, you already have all the equipment and you maybe have some prior experience or maybe your husband or your daughter or somebody does video production.

And it's just a very easy thing for you to commit to.

I think you should go ahead and start in a much simpler way until you are much more confident and positive about the direction you want to take with it.

Versus feeling, you have to educate yourself about everything, about the technical video equipment and stuff.


Ahead of time, it's just, it's just challenging.

In order for you to create consistency, which is what I really want to focus on in this chat, I want you to commit to doing imperfect videos on your phone.

Now I have an iPhone, I don't know anything about Android at all.

But if you, I'm going to show you guys a couple of little equipment type tools I will just say that in my experience, in my story that I told you guys that I think that part of the relatability factor that people say that they like about me is that there wasn't anything fancy about the videos that I was doing.

And literally, my first <laugh> my first, at least 10 videos that I was doing Facebook Live.

I just had my phone propped up on a stack of books in my old apartment and I was doing them at night.


So it was not, there was no natural lighting at all.

I had two lamps on either side of a desk and I had my phone propped up on a couple of books and that was it.

And by the way, you guys can watch all these, they're on my Instagram TV and on my YouTube channel.

So, what the point I'm getting at is I think that, depending on what your goal is, I'm going to talk a little about goals in a second.

Part of what could be the attractive, factor of your videos is that it's not super produced you're just - a real person, a real woman sharing real-life tips for other real-life people.

It's going to make you very approachable.

It's going to make you very relatable.


If you don't have this elaborate setup with a diva light - you guys know what a diva light is, you're going to find out it's that it's this huge, this big ring light that YouTubers use to make, to make they look famous.

You know what I mean? I am sitting in front of a window right now for natural lighting and that works for me.

<laugh> so there is, I think if you get too deep into - a professional video set up or - what are the basics that you need? All you need, you don't have to have anything fancy, you just need your phone.

Now yes, it depends on what content you're doing.

If you're doing content where you're just literally talking to your audience and sharing a quick tip or a quick - mindset topic we'll talk more about content in a little bit.


It can just be you talking to your phone and that can be simple.

Now, if you're going to be doing a video where, for example, you have someone taking a video of you on an organizing job, or you're trying to show an organizing project in your home, or you are doing something with your hands, you will need to get more creative with your setup as far as how, and where you have the phone or the camera, if you are using another camera, how you have it set up to show what you're doing.

That is probably beyond the scope of this conversation.

But anyway, let me show you some <laugh> let me show you some of my little tools that I do think are indispensable.

This, I will tell you why this is in this bag.


This is a magnetic phone holder.

You guys might have something this that you have in your car or whatever, but this has a suction cup - and it's sticky.

You can put it on any surface.

I have, I've been using this for three years almost.

And you, do it on the surface and then you lock it down and then this is magnetic right here.


It's not on the video.

<laugh> yes.

Then there is a magnet on the inside of my phone case.

If you start doing a lot of live videos, you'll, choose a phone case that you can't see through because you have your big magnet inside there.

That's why it's that.

And then this literally sticks to this now.

Anywhere that you can find that you can stick this thing to, you can set up your phone and you can - do it, hang on.



You could probably do an overhead video with something this, if you had something stuck to this.

It's very, strong is what I'm getting at.

And I have one of the bigger phones.

This sticky thing, just a pro tip for you.

This is just a piece of wax paper that I keep it - sorry, wrapped up in.

It doesn't get stuck to something.

At one point, my son was sticking the thing to his face a lot.

And I guess the oils and dirt on his face made the, made the suction part, lose stickiness completely.

And I thought I was going to have to buy a new one, so I didn't have to buy a new one because somebody in this group, this was a while back.

I want to say it was Christy Giese, told me to just wash it.


Like you literally just wash it with Dawn dish detergent.

And I did that, or maybe I used a Clorox wipe and it was totally sticky again.

It was awesome.

I keep that in this little baggy and I take this with me everywhere and I use it.

Sometimes I'll stick it to my computer screen.

At times before I've done Facebook Live, where I'm sitting in front of my computer.

And I did that even closer to the beginning, with my early live videos was I would use the computer light as some lighting for my face to - look a little bit better than the dark apartment situation.

And the other thing that I learned after a while is that on, if you're doing an Instagram Live, it's good to have your phone vertical.


And then if you're doing a Facebook Live, you really need to have it horizontal.

Figured that out after how many, I don't know how many videos, but it's easier to re-upload it to YouTube that way.

And it is visible.

It's better visibility on Facebook as well.

If you mess up, you can still use it again, you can still use it.

It's just that sometimes, or what used to happen is if you upload a vertical video to YouTube, you would have those black squares on either side.

And I just didn't think that looked that great.

That was a little bit about equipment, and now I'm going to tell you about this thing.


So I was talking a second ago about the big diva light that YouTubers use, I actually have one and I have hardly ever used it, which is really a shame, but really that tells you a little something I actually have really, nice equipment and I never use it because it's too much., I can get the job done with my computer and some natural light.

This little thing is a clip-on diva light for your phone.

I haven't used it in a only long time, so I can't turn it on to show you guys because the battery is dead inside it, but you can put this on your iPhone.

If you - let's say you're going to take a video and all you weren't even going to be in the video.

You're just going to take a video of a closet that didn't have good lighting.


So you would want to take this and clip it over.

You don't want to cover up your camera part obviously.

Right? So you clip this over and then you turn it on.

Now you've got this bright, brighter light so that everywhere that you are - filming your Instagram story or filming - a quick video before and after, and then, or you can also turn it around if you're going to do, if you want to be in the video and need some lighting on your face, in a closet again, it's not there is <laugh> I want to say that if you feel every time you do a video, you're spending about 10 minutes, trying to figure out good lighting - does that look good or whatever, that's totally normal.

You have to do that every time I did that today, when I was setting up for this video, you don't ever just figure out one perfect thing and it works forever.


Like you've got to - mess with it.

See - is this helping or is this making it worse? Any time you can use natural lighting is obviously great.

That's why so many people do videos in their car.

Not necessarily while they're, while they're driving.

I just mean that's why so many people will sit in their car before or after.

I see this on Instagram Stories all the time before or after a client job, because the light is so good.

That's a little pro tip as well.

Kelly asked the question when you say download, meaning onto your computer or from social media to social media Kelly.


You can download your video from wherever you did it to your computer.

Then you can either edit it, which we'll talk about that in a second or you can just directly upload it to your, next platform.


Allison said such a good point about keeping it simple for us.

We do it for our clients.

She says she's struggling today to record a podcast and she's overthinking it big time.

Same with videos.

I did one.

It was Haven't done one since perfectionism paralysis.



You've obviously given this a lot of thought and you've been working on it.

Stick with me till the end.

We're going to talk about creating that consistent strategy.

Let me cover some editing tools really quickly.

This is there is, this is another way for you to figure out how to procrastinate forever because you'll go well, I got find the perfect, editing tool and I got teach myself how to edit and do all this fancy stuff.

I'm going to say more than likely what the majority of you are going to want to do is just clip out pieces of a video.


You're not going to want to do these fancy video effects.

That, it's just not necessary - but you're going to want to clip out maybe an awkward beginning of a Facebook Live video before you put it up on YouTube or something to that effect.

Or you'll want to clip out the middle of - something where you're shaking and walking up some stairs.

That's one reason for you guys to not worry so much about it being perfect when it is, especially if it is live.

Gosh, especially if it's live.

Because if you're planning on using the video in some other way later, you can always tell yourself we can edit the heck out of this thing before it goes anywhere else.

Not to worry.

So, because the majority of you are basically going to want to do basic stuff.


There are plenty of free video editing tools online.

You, there is no reason for you to ever have to pay for one.

You probably have one on your computer, if you don't realize it QuickTime has video, just cutting on an iPhone.

And I know there is other ones for Android, you have something called iMovie where you can trim and edit a video clip.

You can even do fancier stuff - - if you take maybe three short videos in I movie just directly on your phone without you having to put it back on a computer and spend the time thinking - when am I going to get to this just directly on your phone, you can edit them all together and then you can upload it to whatever your platform of choice is.

That's really easy.


And then there is another next-level pro tip that did not exist.

When I started doing live videos on Facebook.

Now you can edit a video and you can edit a live video after you have created it because you guys know it's the exact same thing I did today.

There is always a part at the beginning where you're - Hey, and you're not really saying your intro yet, but you're just - can anybody hear me? - Eh - there is always that nervous beginning.

And that's the part where you want to edit that out, because if you really want to be using your videos to promote your services on your Facebook page, or we'll get to this again, using it for a Facebook ad later on, you really want the beginning to be your best self - the catchy part.


You don't want it to be - hi.

I see somebody on great.

That's awkward.

And then there is also the aspect of - let's say you're doing a, let's say you're doing an ongoing video series where you actually have people showing up for your videos every week and you want to say, Hey - Nancy, Hey Kelly.

Hey Sarah, I'm so glad to see you, blah, blah, blah.

But you'll, have all this chitter chatter.

And that really does.

You guys know because you're here right now.

It makes people feel special when you call them out.

And when you remember them and you recognize them and they consistently show up to watch your content.

You want to talk to them about the problem, not problem, but the piece that is not as helpful is leaving all that chitter chatter in for people who are watching it, on another platform YouTube or if you're running it as an ad later on - you don't want all that stuff at the beginning to detract from your message.


I will tell you that at one point we, did a big again, I was trying to just progress, not perfection.

I always uploaded my videos to YouTube myself at the beginning without doing a lot, of editing later on I went back and cut out all of those chit-chat beginnings where I was always talking to people because that actually was a comment that I got after a while is - I'm always having to speed through the first 15 minutes of every video you put out because you take forever to get to the point.

And I was - thank you, appreciate the feedback noted.

Brie about a year ago, actually, we, went through out of those old face, those old Facebook videos.

And even because you guys know I talked for a long time.


So some of these, some there was some of these chats were an hour long and I covered five or six different topics.

Some, a way that we repurposed that and broke it down for people even more, Brie, actually this was a big project for her.

She went through and cut those videos.

And because they were recorded vertical in the first place, cut those videos into topics and renamed them and put them on Instagram TV so that then people could have bite-size responses, Q&A responses to the topic question <laugh> So I promise you guys, I was going to give you little tips about just things that have worked for me and things to know behind the scenes something that you should know is when you are doing Facebook Live or again, any video live, but if you're doing something that on your Facebook page you are going to be hot.


Like you are going to go from super normal temperature to all of a sudden you're sweating and your face is red and your chest is red and your arms are red.

You get hot when you are on video.

I don't know if it's a nervous reaction or just excitement I'm going to I will just say though, that it happens to every single person that I'm just - by the way, if you didn't know this, is going happen to you.

You need to turn on a fan, you need to have - you probably need to have your tank top or whatever, something to give you some, ventilation and you'll be thirsty too.

Make sure you get your water and that thing.

Especially if you talk for a long time, I tend to do So we have covered platforms, equipment, and editing tools, shared that next level tip about editing your Facebook Live video.

That was really good.

We're going to move into the big, the big pieces.

Some of the things that you probably came here more to learn about what are you going to talk about? 

So before I go into my thoughts on this and some strategies about this, I would love for you guys who are here, there are at least eight of you.

Please tell me - what are some of the goals that you have for doing video for your business? Because a lot of what you talk about, if you're going to be super strategic about it, we need to work backward from the specific goals that you have for your video.

While you guys are typing commenting, and I know there is a little bit of a delay some of the ideas I gave you guys earlier are about - just being more present on your Facebook page so that people can get to know you more quickly.

When they're coming to search your website, that could be a goal.

All your goal is just for people to get to know you and feel comfortable with you so that they will call you for a consultation and feel comfortable as the next step is - yes, I'm actually, I know who this person is.


Who's going to come to my house.

That can be a goal.

But let's talk about other goals.

What other goals do you have, do you want to build a huge following? - Is that important to you? Waiting to see some comments, do you want to build, an online aspect of your business so that you have people who are subscribed to an email list? And if you put out - Hey, I'm doing virtual organizing sessions or a group coaching program of some kind that you have a huge amount of people who follow you, that would be, I know I bring her up all the time, but Nikki Boyd, we did a podcast about how she has grown her business with YouTube, videos about organizing.

Then she launched a local organizing business.

So, and also she started doing virtual organizing sessions.


So all she had to do was email her email list and say, I'm offering this thing.

And then she was booked out with virtual organizing sessions at a high price per hour where people literally just wanted to be on a video call with her while they were organizing.

Is that a goal for you? Alright, perfect.

Sarah said putting a face in a real-life voice to my brand, showing a lot of behind-the-scenes work that I do besides just organizing Kelly said, I just need to do a live video.

I've never done one.

And I need people to get to know me.

Laura said to expand her reach on Facebook and Instagram.

I know they both video from a distribution standpoint also to look more like a person unless a company.

They feel they know me.


Laura also said, I don't care if I have a huge following necessarily.

My main goal is clients, but if I were to generate a big following and that was to lead to another revenue stream, that would be awesome.

Okay, perfect.

I feel a lot of, all of those answers you guys are speaking for a lot of people who are not here on what their goals are, so that is perfect.

When we are thinking about what to talk about, I want you to be brainstorming from sitting in the shoe, sitting in the shoes, sitting in the yes.

Standing in the shoes <laugh> of your ideal client who you - has problems and pain points that you can solve with whether your service that's in-home or your product or your, you said, we said, I I'm going to, I'm going to focus on in-home clients.


Just to keep it simple, but all of this applies if you guys are thinking about doing something bigger.

When you take you guys through this in the course to some extent when we're talking about branding and going through the workbook and thinking about your ideal client, potential niches that you want to explore.

I don't go to the extent of having you draft out, what are 10 possible things that someone that ideal client or that ideal client themselves would be Googling or would cause her to perk her ears up.

If she heard someone talking about it, that's the journaling exercise.

I want you guys to take away from this because this is step one.

You don't have to come up with a hundred topics.

You need to come up with about five.


What does this ideal client care about? Now? Let me can somebody give me this would be so much better because you guys know me, sometimes my examples are wacko.

Can somebody give me not wacko, but off the wall? Can somebody give me an example if they are clear on who their ideal client is, can you please type it in the chat? Laura said busy working moms with more time than money juggling, all the things Sarah said, busy business women.

Okay, perfect.

Both of those are really good.

Let's, go with the moms.

When we are thinking about - what would be most the five most salient topics in her world? - Yes.

I'm always thinking about this thing.

This is always overwhelming for me or this is always a stress for me.


Now with the busy working mom.


Juggling a schedule is always going to be - yes, I need help with that.

You know? Let's say the kids are - younger thinking about creating play spaces that don't take over the entire house.

Right? That's something that every mom is just - oh my gosh.

And on top of coming home from work and not feeling you have a daycare that has exploded in your home.

Toys, the toys themselves, not the daycare itself.

These, are the kinds of things that what I want you to be thinking of, for your ideal client, this going to make the person go, hell yes.

It wakes them up from their super now that is, those are things I want to be - this is what your ideal client cares about.

I don't want you to write down things - a peaceful, curated home.

That is what your business tagline might be, but that's not what necessarily is going to make her go it's me - that's my life those are the kinds, when you are thinking about these topics, I want you to think about it from her point of view.

And make a list about that.


 Now, one level on top of that.

There are going to be busy working moms who are never going to outsource help, and I'm sorry for them because you know that they need it, but maybe they can't, maybe they really can't afford it.

Or they don't have the husband on board.

Whatever, those - deal breakers are for her.

We are not going to try to fix those things through a video.

What we, who we really want to talk to are the people who have some obstacles standing in the way of becoming your client.

Not obstacles that are truly off, it's really not probably going to happen.

I'm really - you can't help them come up with the money - whatever.

I still side note.

I am still coming, trying to come up with this perfect way to convince husbands everywhere that it's fine and that they need to hire an organizer.


 I haven't come up with that yet.

Let's just say that we've got those deal breakers.

Don't worry about those things.

I'm talking about really people who don't have those deal breakers, but they have some obstacles and I'm thinking about - okay, one would be a time of actually setting aside to have a consultation with you.

That's a tangible thing.

Then the other one would be the mindset around actually asking for help.

That would be a mindset thing.

When you, I want you to make a list of as many things as you can think of that are -just shoot them off.

Here are the 10 or even 20 obstacles that this particular, this particular person might have to become a client, literally with you, literally with you.

Because we're not talking about them hiring a professional organizer in general.

Because why do you want to sell them on everybody else? Do you want to sell them on working with you? 

 so that's another part of your journaling exercise.

There are, there are two different types of content that I see as being beneficial for organizers.

And we're going to talk about those two in just a second.

What you see typically, Let me back, let me cycle back a little bit.

What I see a lot of organizers who are doing videos is organizing tips, nothing wrong with that.

And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.

If that is what you have been doing, and maybe you have your tip Tuesday, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that.

However, when you are looking at your list of who's my ideal client, what do they care about? What are the things that are going to make her go, oh my gosh, yes.

That's attention.

And what are those obstacles actually that for, a good client that are still going to stand in her way between where she is right now and where between her actually calling you specifically and setting up a consultation to move forward.


 when, you're thinking about those things from your client's perspective, and then you are thinking about the tips that you're choosing to share.

If you are going to be doing tips, they need to be more than just tips.

If you're sharing how to do a folded sheet or I don't know how to do a fitted sheet folding - that nobody's good at it.

Organizers are.

I just know that I've seen that video a lot, which is fine.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.

I'm just saying if you're going to do a tip, tie it in with their actual life, tie it in with why this matters when they are a busy working mom in our example.

Relate to them with, if you are a busy working mom or you ever have been one, or you have ever worked with one before - however, you can relate it with something that you lets them know that you get where they're coming from.


Like that needs to be a part of your tip video.

This is how you turn just, I did a video today content into - damn this girl's good content.

That's the trick.

We need to take, those aspects that we're - thinking about her life and her point of view and totally outside of ourselves as a business owner and creating this little mini content package, that's just wrapped up in a bow and it's just - here you go.

That is attention-getting.

And that is awesome.

The other thing is that I see what, I don't see enough in organizing video content from professional organizers.

I see a lot of people who are so good at the show and tell aspect of doing videos where they're - I'm comfortable if I'm showing the closet that we just did.


 or again, talking about - a tip or how to do something or a DIY, they'll show Cabri posted something so amazing in the group yesterday about - share all your best content, give away all your best ideas and I do think that all of that is really good.

And that you hoard, I think that the reason my organizers share a lot of tips and that thing is to show that they do know their stuff and they, and you absolutely should do that.

And do it freely.

What I don't see enough of organizers talking about are the, what are the mindset obstacles that were on your list a minute ago that we're talking about? - What are the mindset obstacles that are in the way for that specific ideal client to specifically become your client? 

 - what are those things I said a minute ago, well, she could afford help, but she struggles to set aside the time or she struggles to - she worries whether she will be, if maybe she worries whether she will be judged by her friends or, who knows, all of the things that go into - the possible shame and guilt around having a professional organizer when she feels she should be doing it all.

That could be a perfect example.

I'm talking about the mindset, things that are not a tip of here's how to organize your pantry.

I said, a second ago, that has its place.

What I want to see and what I challenge you guys to do is start doing more content that moves your viewer from being just a fan of your page, who watches your content, almost - Hey, she's so awesome.


I'm learning so much from her too - wow, she's really speaking to my inner self, my true challenges, and helping me see what getting organized is going to do for my life.

And for me as a person, she's actually creating that vision, that you're, what you want to do is you want to start to create that vision that you're promising as your business tagline.

I just threw one out a second ago, just a peaceful, curated home at I'm not, I don't know who that is.

It might not be anybody.

I'm just saying - we tend, we tend to describe it in this very idyllic type of way.

I, what you've got to do is meet her at her mindset where she is right now and talk about what life could be if she decided to invest in herself, decided to set aside the time, decided to change her story about what it means to be asking for help.


Give me a thumbs up if that is making sense, because that's the piece that I think is missing.

And if you guys could start to incorporate that into more of your video content, people are not just going to be impressed with you because you know everything about the container store.

<laugh>, they're going to be - oh my God, she understands the real me, and she really understands where I'm coming from.

- that's how you build this, super deep trust and in connection and being known as somebody who - genuinely understands your clients and gets where they're coming from.

All right, Vivian, glad you're here.

Don't worry.

So, oh, I'll take another little pause after that one.

Because that's, that was big.

That was really big.

Starting to realize that you have an opportunity through video to reach them on multiple levels 

And you can do mindset content all day, every day, your tips, you, after a while, you're going to be - how many more times can I talk about - productivity and writing a to-do list? - I don't know.

I feel with, tips, you run out of steam and you're - I feel I'm teaching everything.

I know again, there could be something to that, sharing everything - and if you want to build a YouTube channel that has tons and tons of followers, you want to focus on tips and stuff.

That's where these two paths diverge for me.

When I ask you guys what your, what your goal is if you really want to focus on getting in-home clients, you've got to approach your content in a different way than if you're just - I want to be Alejandra Castello and be a YouTube queen of organizing you guys know who I'm talking about - that girl.


 So she, of course probably talks about mindset, but her videos are mainly, here's how you organize this and every other thing under the sun.

The, if, so if you're doing, if you want to build more of that following on YouTube or, three again, <laugh>, I'm not going to say again, you can cross-promote this stuff as many ways as you want to, but if you want to become a YouTuber that does organizing, you will want to come up with as much of - your own - video content that shows people how to do stuff.

Because people go to YouTube to learn how to do stuff, but people follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

They are looking for maybe tips, but they're also really looking for inspiration.

And if they're truly going to become a local client, that is your best opportunity to connect with their brain and heart.



Let me give you guys a few more ideas now and please let me know, I said, if you have questions along the way about anything I'm saying.

I've mentioned a few times about repurposing content.

Let me tell you as an example of what you could do with just one Facebook video from your business page.

Ready? Take notes on this.

Just <laugh> you just do one Facebook video on your, on your business page, or should I say with every Facebook PA Facebook video you do on your, on your business page, you could be doing this.

Don't just do one, do commit and start doing it a lot.

Another reason for that one is because and by the way, Laura mentioned this Facebook really favors video because they want to compete with YouTube for video watch time.


So when you create a video on Facebook, if you are live, if you are live at any given time, when somebody, if somebody follows your business page and they get on, sorry, I on a tangent it now and they get on their Facebook app on their phone or their newsfeed.

Anywhere they're a live video is going to get shown at the top of the newsfeed, almost all the time.

They will prioritize that in algorithm.

It's literally free advertising because, they push it up above all other content.

You don't even have to pay, you don't have to pay money.

If you're going live to get more people, to see your content that are following you and normal, a normal Facebook page fan is not going to see your posts.

They'll see more of your video posts in general.


But if you do a live video, they're more likely to see that live video over everything else that you have ever posted.

It's very, what they say is algorithm-friendly for Facebook.

Same thing for Instagram - you guys know on your, on your bubbles, across the top with anybody that you're following anybody who's live at that moment when you're on Instagram is going to get shown first.

You can click through to the live video.

Yeah, it's really, it's really good for the algorithm.

Let's say you do one Facebook Live video out of the many that you're going to do.

Oh, and the other thing I was going to say was to commit to doing a lot of them because you get better, the more that you do it, right? So your first five or 10 are not going to probably feel your best work, but after a while, you're going to be - hell, I'm pretty good at this.


I can let down my guard a little bit and start to be more myself.

Does that make sense? So you will really get into the swing of things.

Once you have committed and have put out some content that you're just - Hey, that didn't totally suck.

And - you'll be very impressed with yourself.

You'll be so proud of yourself for doing this.


Back to my list.

Let's say you do one Facebook Live video, first of all, first and foremost.

Not only is that going to get seen by your followers - given if you're doing it at a time when they're likely to be on Facebook, that's when they'll see it live.

There is a way to have your Facebook followers get notified when you go live, but you have to ask them to do that in your live video content.


So let's just say that you haven't done that before.

Your Facebook Live video is going to get seen by your followers at, the time of day that you're doing it on the app.

Plan, if you want to, if you want to have as much as many viewers as possible, especially if you already have a good Facebook following already, we haven't been doing live video, do one at 8:00 PM at night or 9:00 PM at night when people are sitting and playing on their phone anyway, while the news is on.

Let's say you do your one Facebook Live, it gets seen then of course it lives on your Facebook page.

Now you have a FA a video post that has - engagement on it because if people have commented or people have liked it while - if you can ask people questions during your video and they actually respond, you have engagement on the post, which is good.


It helps it get seen even more.

That's great.

You have a video post that lives on your page.

You've done your live video.

Now it stays there.

People can continue to ask questions, and get comments, other people who post, and commented on it will get notified about those comments.

Then what you want to do is you want to download the video.

As I mentioned already, you can take that one video and you can repost it on Instagram TV.

You can repost, by the way, sorry, I forgot to say that IGTV has, does have a limit on the length of the video.

You may want to trim it or whatever, or just do a preview of it and then say click over to my YouTube for the rest, if it's a really long one.


 So you can, re-upload it to Instagram, you can, re-upload it to when you're putting it on YouTube specifically, this is not a, it's not as important with Instagram when you're putting it on YouTube.

You really want to put in your tags in the description things that people would, if people were searching for tips about managing, okay, let's just go back to the kids thing.

<laugh> - how to organize a playroom for five-year-olds.

That's really specific, right? Because it's different than how you would organize it for a toddler and different than a 12-year-old.

It's a very specific thing that somebody might be typing into YouTube or to Google.

If somebody's searching for that and they're searching on Google sometimes, if your YouTube video is specific and targeted enough, your YouTube video will show up in the search results.


And so people can find it that way.

Take just - don't over, don't go crazy on it.

But when you upload it to YouTube, think about some tags or some phrases that people might be searching for that you would want to show up in the search results for on YouTube.

That was only a small piece of how you can repurpose this one video that you did.

The next thing you can do is you can take it and email a link to the video.

If you have an email list of any amount of people, if you have five people on an email list, because you've only had a few clients and a couple of people who signed up on your, on your website for updates, Say that it's still five people.


You still send out - Hey, here's a monthly update with a brand new video for you.

You, can't send the video itself in an email.

This is important.

You can't send the video itself in an email, but you can send, a screenshot of a good part of the video where you don't look - ah - <laugh> send, something where you're smiling or whatever, say, a screenshot.

And then you, that's an image that you want to place in your email.

And then the image links to the video.

You can link them to it on YouTube.

You can link it to a link them to it on Facebook, where it was originally, you can choose where they go, but you can take that video and email it out to your, list because, 

So most people who are on your email list were probably not watching it live, but now it's - Hey, here's some value for you that I'm sharing here's what you missed this week, or let me know what you think and let me know your ideas for upcoming topics that you would love to see more about.

You can send that out in your email.

You can also depending on what exactly this video is about.

You might choose, you have the ability on your website to embed that video into a blog post so they can actually watch - even if it's a YouTube video or if it's a Facebook video.

You can embed it in a blog post or on any other part of your website.

You could put it on your about page let's say you did a video.


That was just - here's why I became a professional organizer.

And you did that on your Facebook page.

And remember that little key I told you guys, you can actually edit and trim the Facebook Live after you've done it.

You can - you can download it, but you can also edit it directly right there.

You can cut out the awkward, beginning part.

You can embed that video on your, about page and say - so people can click and see you talking about your business and why you are so passionate about what you're doing versus only reading your about paragraph.

That's an idea for you, or if you were talking about here's our process, how - what's our process, how here's, how to work with us.

You could put that video, embed that video on your services page so that people can click it and watch it right there without leaving your site.


 So all kinds of things you can do to embed it on your website, including in a blog post.


The next thing that you can do is you can take that video and submit it to somewhere fiber or any transcription service, and you can have the video transcribed.

This is awesome because especially if you to do - if you're doing a longer content series so that you can clean up that transcript because it's not going to sound great.

It's not going to look great in its initial format because they're literally just transcribing what you were saying, which is probably one long run-on sentence if you're me.

But once they transcribe it, you can clean that up and turn it into a blog post.


If you have 40 hours of content that people love and people have genuinely found valuable and it doesn't rely totally on them seeing you in the video you can get somebody to transcribe all of it and you can turn that into a book.


You can do that.

The other thing I was going to say about the blog post is you can combine what I was saying a second ago, where you have the, you have your video transcribed and you clean it up.

It is readable.

And that's your blog post.

And you also embed the original video at the top of the blog post, so they can click through to watch it as well.

There you go.

You're now a blogger and you didn't even have to do anything beyond just make your original video.


I see you guys posting.

I see your comments.

I'm going to come back for that just in one second.

Another thing that you can do with your one video is you can extract just the audio from the video and you can upload that and turn it into a podcast.

There are lots and lots of people who do this.

You don't have to have the most professional quality audio for it to be usable as a podcast.

It, again, this would depend on what your topic was if you were really showing something like this, not going to work as well, but if you're talking about again, a mindset topic or about a client case study or again, keeping that anonymous, but you know what I mean? If you're talking about something that is genuinely valuable for people just to listen to, you can extract the audio out of your video and create a podcast out of it.


Now you're a podcaster.

Two more things.

If let's say you do a long video series where you do two weeks of video content where you're digging deep into a topic that you're teaching for free.

This goes perfectly hand in hand with what Cabri was talking about last night.

When she posted last night, when you're giving away, you can give away a lot of value for free on your Facebook page through video.

Let's say you do a two-week series where you're teaching every single thing about the playroom, sticking on the same topic and you're talking and you really cover this in depth.

You can have that be a free video series.

That's on your Facebook later on, you could package that package the videos and turn that into a mini course that somebody buys on your site for - it can be a low-cost product.


It doesn't have to be super expensive.

You'd be $19.

Here's a really in-depth course for the DIYer.

That is not, this goes in hand with what Cabri said.

It's not even if somebody buys a DIY course from you about a, just one topic a playroom.

It does not replace the fact that somebody,, even the people who buy that course may not ever implement it themselves.

And want you to guide them through it, whether that's actually coming in home and just doing the project with them or doing virtual coaching, we're talking about before, you can have that as an option to help assist them with the ideas and the logistics of how to get things done.

It doesn't necessarily cannibalize your potential client.

You haven't taken your client that was going to spend $2,000 with you and only gotten $29.


And - that's it you are proving yourself as an expert.

And that can be something that can be a really cool way to take a video series and package it into something even cooler and perceive to be more valuable.

I could go on and on about the topic all day, but you could take that video series and turn it into a drip - mini-course where they can't go through it all at once.

They have to go through it once a day and you can have a private Facebook group for your buyers of this thing.

This would be if you're really promoting it to a big audience, This is not, you probably wouldn't have a private Facebook group for three people, but you never know - and if it really takes off, that could be a niche that you really focus on helping people do.


You're, helping them DIY, but you've got, you're also giving them accountability and support.

That's the value of having all of that in one place.

And then the last thing I want to say about the one video that you made is you can take a video that has - probably not your first one and probably not your 10th one, but if you have really committed to this and you're getting a lot of engagement with your videos organically, you can take one video that you did with Facebook Live.

You can trim it, make it - make it start, make it start really well.

You can edit the description of the video to say something along the lines of, Hey, watch this.

If you are busy what do we say? A busy working mom who is losing their mind with trying to keep the kid's playroom straight on her day off.


 Don't say that, but you know what I'm saying? Describe, literally describe the person that you are talking to and be very specific and - make that the call to action on your description.

Watch this, if you are this person, Then when you go into your Facebook ads manager and you were creating an ad, you can choose that live video that you did that already has all those comments.

And people saying, wow, this is so great thank you so much.

Here's this other question I have, all of this proof that - this was a great video.

You can use that same video and run it as an ad and what you can do.

<laugh> yeah, I'm trying to keep it simple.

I'm just so excited that you can do this, but you can choose your, you don't even have to get super specific in your targeting.


You can choose your entire Metro area let's say you live in Charlotte.

You choose all of Charlotte and just choose women who have kids period.

And don't even be super specific about - they have to make this much money or they have to have this particular interest it can just be a very broad targeting and people will only, you said, in your description, they will only watch the video.

They are, that person does that make sense? And this what I just described right there is the cheapest, literally the cheapest way for you to build an audience with Facebook ads and with a video that exists right now, period, because it's so inexpensive, I think it costs - you can get a video view for 2 cents 5 cents.10 cents is a lot for a video view.


So you're getting video views that again, people are only going to watch it if they are in that tar target audience.

You're getting video views for super cheap.

And then if people have watched a certain percentage of that video, which again, they would only watch if they were a busy working mom that was struggling with this problem.

Those video viewers can be a new audience inside your Facebook ads.

By the way, if you guys are watching this and you're - whoa, whoa, whoa, you have thrown me crazy with the Facebook stuff.

You guys, you got to go back and watch the training inside Inspired Organizer about how you create custom audiences.

You can create a custom audience of people who have watched - let's say 25% or even 50% of that live video that you ran as an ad.


And - let's say there are a thousand people in that audience.

You can retarget those video viewers with something even more specific to follow up with the next step, to help them get closer to becoming a client.

When you run it as an ad, what I'm getting at is that you're now reaching people who do not know you and do not know your page at all, but they're only going to watch that video if they are that person.

You're, basically getting those people to - raise their hands and say, Hey, here's where I am here.

I don't know how - I don't know how you, I would've found them otherwise, but you found them on Facebook because you have created some content that directly speaks to who they are, what their situation is, and the problems that they have.


All, I was so excited to tell you guys that Sarah, Let me take a second and get some water and I'll go back through the comments Sarah said, but what do you do in the video? If you aren't showing them how to organize, she said, do you just speak? Yeah.

Sarah, at the beginning, I was talking about some different formats of if you're on a job with an assistant, your assistant can be showing something or whatever.

But yeah, if you can be taking a video of a space so that you're not in it and nobody else is in it or you can be sitting in a closet that you're organizing and you're just - Hey, behind the scenes, here we are.

And by the way, do you have this problem? Call me that thing.


Like there is a lot, I think there are a lot of different things you can do.

But yes, Sarah, we talked about tips, showing an organizing tip where you're showing and telling versus talking to them about something else.

My, I call it mindset related.

But it could be, something where you're just coaching and cheering them on and helping them get closer and closer to becoming your client.

So, yeah, I did talk about that before.

Sarah said, it's so encouraging to hear you recommend more than just organizing tips.

Most of the Instagram story stuff I share is about mindset and self-improvement.


I just want to attract clients that are ready to change their mindset on clutter and organizing, not just have the rooms cleaned up really well.

I'm glad that you thought deeply about that.


 Melissa said, I just popped in on my lunch break for my real job, and I caught the part where you can transcribe your video and turn it into a blog.

That's what I need.

I'm so not a writer.


I that a lot also.

While we are on the video ad topic, let me tell you guys about one more other strategy for video ads.

That is not as - wow.

Did you just tell me to, <laugh> put a video of myself out to the million women that are in my city.


I did tell you that right there - if I were to start again all over today and I wanted to build an audience as quickly as possible, that is exactly what I would do is I would be because here's the thing you can do it.

You can do Facebook Live video inside of a private Facebook group I did when I started out.


But you cannot share that.

And you can't build engagement by doing any video views ads or anything.

You can't do that.

You can't do anything with it outside of the Facebook group.

If I were starting again all over today and, or should I ever start - another business or aspect to this business I would be doing video content on a Facebook page and building up an audience of - again, when you're not, hopefully, this doesn't sound super advanced to you guys, but when I teach you guys about, I teach you guys about targeting with Facebook ads inside the course that is in module eight.

If you have not gotten there yet.

And that's why you have to have your pixel set up so that you can, re-target people who visit your website.

Just another reminder, because I'm always trying to remind people about that.


 when you're doing the con, is it costs slightly more to target people that are, for example, and more of a higher income bracket - or who we believe by their Facebook interests are of, in a higher income bracket.

Does that make sense? It costs a little bit more to target them because other people also want to target them.

You're competing a little bit, but when you're doing an ad, when you're doing a video ad where you're not really you're just women that live in Charlotte, and then you're letting the ad do the talking and at Facebook, will optimize it for people who are, similar to the people who are watching it.

Facebook will do the optimizing for you, and you don't have to do all the fancy targeting that I teach you inside the course.


 the, I want to say the downside of that is - you got to be in your mindset and this is a mindset topic for us today is - are you truly ready to get visibility for your business? And that's a big question because not everybody is, and that's you are - I'm not, you could not pay me to be on video ever.

And that's totally fine.

It's just, that is the fastest way.

If you wanted to build an audience would be doing the video content targeting a very broad segment of people, either in your local Metro area.

Or again, if you're doing something that you want to eventually sell people all over, you can target the entire United States.

And it's, and it's pretty, it's relatively cheap.

I said your video views are, 2 cents per video view.


So if you only spend $5 a day, you can slowly, but surely build up an audience of people who are watching your videos, who have identified themselves to you.

And then once I had a thousand people who had watched a hundred percent of my video and not just 25% or 50%, somebody who watched a hundred percent of my video, if I had a thousand of those people, and I had set up a custom audience of a thousand people who have watched a hundred percent of this video that I've made about this very specific topic, you can take that custom audience, and then you can create a lookalike audience of those people who have taken the action that you want them to take, which is to watch the video, you can create a lookalike audience of those people, and then target your ad to that lookalike instead of targeting it to the entire United States.


And so that's the way that is the fastest way that you could build a big following with Instagram followers, Facebook follows Facebook fans and people who want to subscribe to your YouTube.

Obviously, you've got to have content to support all of, to support those fans I don't think that - people are not just going to flock to your YouTube channel and be - oh, she's only got two videos up I'm, not going to subscribe to this, but this could be something that you have in mind.

Once you've really been consistent with creating, your YouTube content and your really specific niche content that you want to be known for, this would be a way for you to fast-track visibility of everything that you've been doing with video online.

No more comments.


 So I'm going to go to the last part.

And we're going to talk about the five choices that you need to make in terms of figuring out your particular consistent video strategy.

The first thing is you need to choose one main platform to focus on if you are trying to create - and I gave you guys at the end of the last, the last part of our other video, I gave you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, at least seven, if not eight or nine or 10 kinds within, those were more options, ways to repurpose, just one single video that you do.

I hope that you take from that you don't need to be thinking, I need to create three different strategies for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and my website I need to have a different plan for each one with different content.


You don't - I want you to take that exercise where we talked about the ideal client, her mind what's going on with her.

I want you to really dig into that part, but do not be a perfectionist about which platform you pick,, the one that you are comfortable with.

If you are at a stage in your business, or you believe Instagram is really working for you and your clients, think Facebook is boring or old school by all means you have permission, just do Instagram Live videos, and then again, do all the repurposing or whatever.

But you can rerun, everything I was talking about with Facebook ads, you can do it with Instagram ads as well.

Spend, your time where it belongs, which is thinking about her and her problems.

Don't overthink your platform.

But choose one.


 and then number two, I just said, number two was really write out your first 10, maybe five to 10 topics.

But five is really all you need to get started.

Five, really good topics for videos that you could see yourself doing, using those ideas that you got from the client exercise, and really think too about what are the search terms that would go with each one of those videos.

Thinking eventually that you'll want to optimize those potentially for YouTube.

If you don't want anybody ever, <laugh> if you have zero interest in doing an online part of your business where you're doing virtual coaching with people outside of your area, you probably don't need to worry about YouTube at all.

But if you have any inkling that you might want to have that online side of your business, where you're selling an ebook and you want it to be available to anybody, that's where I'm using YouTube so that you can build a following that is not locally related.


 but if you're thinking at all about ever doing something online, one day, YouTube, I think is an absolute necessity.

Be thinking about your search terms and - come up with some keywords number three, number three choose your consistent day and time that you are going to show up and you need to publicly commit to it in a way that is going to make you look really bad if you're not doing it.

I'm not saying that there is no room for you to take a vacation or take some time off, but I want you to post in this group when you are going to be going live for your business.

I do not want you to go live in our group.

I want you to go live on your business page because this is to build your business, not to talk just with us.


 so to post in our group and have everybody hold you accountable, this is the time that you can always see me go live on my business page, blah, blah, blah.

Here's the time zone.

Here's the page.

Here's when I'll be there.

And then you can, you can share, you can share your business page, video into our group, but I don't want you to go live in our group.

If that makes sense.

I want you to use each other for accountability and for showing up for each other and cheering for each other.

And for sure, if you're not already using your accountability partner benefit of being an Inspired Organizer, please - take your accountability partner seriously - not let you back out on this and say, eh, not really in the mood this week.


Like there are going to be times when you're not in the mood, but you're going to be so glad that you did it and you'll be so energized by doing it and you'll get better and better and better.

And when you start to get good feedback, it feels good.

And you're - wow, I'm really helping people.

And people do want to hear what people want to hear, what I have to say.

This is going to be a huge exercise for you in self-confidence and personal growth.

And you're going to thank me later.

Choose your consistent day and time and commit publicly.


 number four is what I want you to commit to, you need to choose how you are going to commit to promoting your video content.

That goes back to that list of 10 ways that I shared.

And the other video is about ways to repurpose your content.

Are you going to always put it on YouTube? And are you, or are you always going to do a blog post that is in blog post format? Are you always going to do a podcast? Are you going to work with somebody else? Collaborate? This is another, oh, I didn't even bring this up.

This is a great way for you to collaborate with other local business owners to share each other's videos to your Facebook pages.

I didn't even say that anymore.

That's a really good one.

Figure out how you are going to personally commit to not just doing the content, but figuring out some way to promote it.


Hi, Kim.

All right, Kim, you missed a big, long chat about video, so I hope that you'll watch the replay.

And then number five is you need to really truly engage with your viewers and people who do comment and share your video post.

Or, your blog.

If people are commenting on your blog, please don't, if they say this was really awesome, this was so helpful to me, this is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Don't just say, thank you so much, this, I appreciate it.

You want to say that, but you also want to say, what was your biggest takeaway from this? Because you want to start getting more ideas about what your next 10 videos are going to be about.

And this, was really critical for me is that 

I didn't have to spend a lot of time pre-planning what people were going to be interested in hearing about from me in my initial video content week.

I committed weekly for - I did it weekly.

We did it weekly for nine months.

That was a lot of video content at that point.

And then again, you don't have to do this forever, but for me, that was the right amount of time to be - okay, we're focused on other things.

But really engage with them until you have exhausted the most <laugh> important questions or Q&A that comes up - keep talking about your thing.

Especially - if you have your niche, you talk about that niche and things about that niche and ways that nobody else has ever talked about that niche all day long.


 So keep using your viewer feedback as ideas for your next videos.

They'll feed you what they want to know more about from you and that's the beauty of all this.

Those are the five big things that you really need to decide in writing in order to have a consistent strategy for showing up.

Because I think that if you don't really know, what you're doing - you shouldn't feel bad that you're not getting - your makeup ready to do a Facebook video today because - you don't really know what you're - you don't really have a game plan.

- if you have a game plan, it's so much easier to take the time to get ready and go, just go do it, just get your phone, set up, find the right lighting and click go live and just share - just share.


And you're going to sound, you're going to feel your voice is shaking and that everybody can see how nervous you are.

But then you'll waste a whole bunch of time.

Cause I know because I did this - you'll watch your entire video again, going, where's the part where I sound idiotic and it never - it never comes because once - if you're sharing something that is genuine to you and you're really trying to be of service to people, it, you can't hear, you cannot hear how nervous you just cannot know yet how impactful this is going to be for people.

And it really, really matters.

You know you have a Powerful Presence, but still don't know how to truly translate your work online without losing precious energy, time, and money.

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